Spinnup Spotlight: Hemi Moore – Faith

If you’ve been with us for a little while, the name Hemi Moore should ring a few bells! Besides being a phenomenal talent, he has shared not only his music with us which we’ve covered before, but also his thoughts and feelings as part of our Black History Month celebrations. We are so happy to celebrate his return to top form with his newest beautifully poignant Spinnup released track Faith, released on 20 November.


Born and raised in Zimbabwe until the age of 12 when his family relocated to Southend-on-Sea, Hemi Moore’s music is both deeply honest and thoughtful as he analyses the world around him. “Because my background is singing in church, I always see music on a big scale,” he explained, before expanding further “When I speak, I only want to say something that’s really important to me. And I want to give a voice to other people”. With the fragile yet soulful Faith, Hemi Moore proves this by discussing the often unrealistic and unhealthy relationship expectations fostered on social media.


Faith is Hemi Moore’s most ambitious work yet, combining timeless songwriting with production that seamlessly incorporates classical guitar intertwined with psychedelic synth textures. The thought-provoking lyrics, “Maybe it’s not broken / Just a little out of focus / We don’t need to go there”, show how tired Hemi Moore is of people comparing themselves to others on social media and trying to distinguish the truth from polished lies through screens. This is such an important point to consider as an artist, especially when building confidence (or ‘faith’) in your work; remember “social media isn’t real”!


On writing ‘Faith’, Hemi Moore said: “I needed to fall in love with writing again, connecting and speaking to a lot of old friends and family helped with that during lockdown. I’m now trying to teach myself to be more appreciative of the small things and not to compare myself to others.”





Hemi Moore’s previous release with us was the powerful and poetic When?’, written in response to the tragic death of George Floyd. Hemi personally arranged for all proceeds to go to anti-racism charities that support Black Lives Matter, being a prime example of an artist who used their pen for social change. If there is one thing you do today, be sure to follow the incomparable Hemi Moore on his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and support his newest track Faith. Everybody say “Thank you Hemi!”…