Spinnup Spotlight: Alessia Labate – OMG

Back in 2019, we introduced you to the immense pop talent that is Alessia Labate. Now, the iconic Spinnup superstar has blessed us once again with her newest track ‘OMG‘ and it is all we want to talk about.


OMG is a Pop personified; lighthearted, uptempo and fun being crafted with love and care in Bucharest by Vladimir Chopsticks, Alessia and Iova. “Its [OMG] gritty bass line, snarky ad-libs and infectious energy” won’t leave you still; releasing it in full Lockdown is Alessia’s way to show we can still make something out of boredom and have fun with it, no matter the situation. 


The music video, dropping alongside the track on Youtube, is the result of a remote team effort. Shot by the talented Jacopo Musolino, directed by Walter Coppola (remotely) and Alessia herself and edited by Megan Stancanelli, the video will display many characters played by Alessia in a homemade household delirium, and a 2.0 remote party. Shot with an iPhone 8 plus and lots of enthusiasm, the main focus will be fashion and the healing power of taking care of ourselves; the brand Popsick vintage provided some unique clothing items.

This isnt all Alessia has been up to in the past year though, releasing and writing a lot of new music that easily found its way to Nicky Romero’s Music from Protocol Radio, multiple New Music Fridays and Friday Cratediggers“, collaborating with artists such as Stef Classens (Runner-up in The Voice Of Holland), Gabriele Esposito (XfactorIT) and Chiara Grispo (XfactorIT-Amici). 


Make sure you check out OMG now and be sure to follow Alessia over on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.