Spinnup Sounds Featured In Netflix Soundtrack – Isi and Ossi

Spinnup congrats to Michael Kadelbach for successfully placing his music as part of the soundtrack for the Netflix film “Isi & Ossi”.


The film, available on Netflix, follows the premise of what happens when a billionaire daughter and a boxer with money problems get together. You can find the trailer for the film here:



Michael Kadelbach, a well-known German film composer, has already written the soundtracks for box-office hits such as “Perfume” (2016), “Naked under Wolves” (2015), “So Much Time” (2018) and some crime scene productions produced as well as some commercials like from Ikea, the Uefa, Opel or BMW enriched with sound.


From all of us here at Spinnup, massive congrats Michael!