Spinnup Signing: GMG Signs to MUF10 Records

The Danish hip-hop trio GMG was signed to MUF10 Records at the end of August – a subdivision of the Denmark division of Universal Music.



It all really started as a fun project when the three GMG members Liko, Tony and Frankie met each other at a local youth club. Together, they began writing lyrics and producing beats that over time proved to be worth gold.


After some time, the three young talents chose to release their music in March via Spinnup, unleashing their first smash single ‘Normala Bar’ under the name GMG – a single that in many ways started their rise to success. In less than half a year, GMG’s first single had received more than 800,000 streams on Spotify alone which caught the interest of MUF10 Records. The label went on to say they saw “a great potential for GMG to be at the forefront of the new generation of young talents on the Danish hip-hop scene”


Now, the signed collective are planning their next single release in October. Even though they are now signed to a big record company, they are keeping their artistic control and creating music in their original style, which put GMG on the map in the first place.


The only way is up for these three young talents and their hip-hop universe in the near future. In addition to GMG, MUF10 Records represents several big Danish hip-hop names such as I $ WAAL, Xabski, LOLO and Young Juu.


Huge congrats to GMG and welcome to the Spinnup Family. Listen to GMG’s single ‘Normala Bar’ here:

Think you’ve got what it takes to join GMG and be signed to UMG? Head over to Spinnup to get your music out today!