Spinnup Signed: Advaitha Signs to Universal Music Singapore

We are incredibly happy to announce our new Spinnup Asia signing to Universal Music! 18-year-old singer-songwriter Advaitha sealed a distribution deal with Universal Music Singapore, marking this as Spinnup Asia’s second signing after RIIDEM.



Advaitha hails from a family who lives and breathes music. Her older brother was the first to take music lessons at home, and “I would cry unless I was in the same room as them,” she says. “My mom also tells me that I would create little songs about things like putting on my shoes on or taking a shower, well before I could actually speak.” Already equipped with a clear passion for music, she began taking music lessons at just 3 years old. 15 years later, she’s armed with three amazing singles, a spot at Berklee College of Music, a deal with Universal Music and a myriad of experiences in Singapore’s local music scene. She’s only getting started.



Advaitha draws inspiration from R&B artists, citing Summer Walker, Kehlani and Brent Faiyaz as her biggest musical influences. Another favourite of hers is Tame Impala and their signature psychedelic pop-rock sound, which she attempts to incorporate into her songs. “I feel like I get inspired by all the music that I love and listen to, whether it is R&B Trapsoul or a completely different genre,” she says.



Her first three releases as a solo artist was done through Spinnup. Putting out her solo music for the first time was nerve-racking, but the excitement exceeded the nerves. “I can promise you that the feeling of seeing a project you’ve worked on for the past few months [that you’ve put so much personal baggage into] release publicly to be enjoyed by other people is an unmatched feeling,” says Advaitha. Having the right tools at hand such as Spinnup made the process easy and enjoyable too, as the website gave full transparency on each step of the release. 


Being a musician is no easy feat. The biggest challenge she faced was being satisfied enough with a song to release it. “I’m quite a perfectionist when it comes to my music. Although that isn’t a bad thing, it can get in the way of my releasing music that I’m proud of as I struggled to be satisfied with a perfectly good song,” says Advaitha. She soon grew to realise that perfection is something one can never actually achieve – there’s always going to be something one wants to change about a song. “I began to focus on my artistic vision for each song, and when this vision was delivered I would understand that this song was as ‘perfect’ as it could be.”



For young and aspiring artists just like Advaitha herself, never be afraid to release your own music. “It is such a rewarding feeling to see that other people enjoy your music and relate to the messages you are delivering through your music – creating music is a primary source of self growth as you learn more about yourself through the writing and production process.” 


Advaitha also believes that being yourself is key, as there lies a tendency to change things about your artist persona to satisfy others. “You have to focus on the type of artist you want to be, not other people. If music is the career path you want to go down, you have to be satisfied with who you are presented as. Don’t portray yourself as someone that you do not wish to be known as.” No truer words have been said.



Advaitha describes the feeling of signing to Universal as surreal. “It’s crazy to believe that under a year ago barely anyone that I didn’t know personally even knew of my music and now, to have a distribution deal with a major label seems crazy. It has shown me that my hard work has really paid off, and it motivates me to continue my hustle and to focus on my music this year and in the future too. I’m so grateful to have this opportunity, and I’m so thankful for everyone who helped make it happen!” 


For Advaitha, 2021 is all about shaping her artistry and musical development. She’s working on a number of songs she hopes to release this year, and will continue to broaden her musical journey in Boston, where she will attend the iconic Berklee College of Music. To bigger and better things in 2021!


Congratulations, Advaitha! We’re so excited for your journey with Universal Music and all the amazing stuff you’ll be doing.


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