Spinnup now distributes to more stores than ever!

With Christmas just around the corner we wanted to make sure all of our wonderful artists knew about the the best present we could think of to give, even more stores to sell and stream your music on!

We announced a little while ago that we would be going off the grid for a day to make some exciting new upgrades to the Spinnup platform and the services we offer. We appreciate your patience while our team of tech gurus worked their magic (i.e. code) to make this happen, and a few keen-eyed users would have already noticed a few new partner logos on our homepage. 

So now we would like to officially annouced that we now offer more distributors than ever before – we’re talking from 8 partner stores to 45!!!

Ever wanted someone to hear your music and be able to whip out their phone to quickly find who the artist is that makes those heavenly sounds? Now they can with Shazam. How would you like your fans to be listening to the world’s biggest internet radio and hear your song play next? Now they can with Pandora. The legions of fans you can reach are virtually endless.

Well, now they can. Let us introduce you to all our new distribution partners below including ShazamPandoraBeatport and more.

New Distribution Stores

We have added an extra 37 partner stores to our existing list of distributors, which includes 7Digital’s 32-strong network of online music stores. From now, every Spinnup release will be sent to:



Apple Music



Google Play





Beatport* (for dance and electronic genre releases only)

YouTube Red*

7Digital* **

*Indicates that this is a new distribution partner

**This includes the 7Digital’s distribution network of 32 online music stores and streaming services. For more information and a full list of these, click here.

All existing Spinnup releases have automatically been added to the catalogues of all our new partner stores so there is nothing you as an artist need to do to have people playing your music on Pandora in Portland, or Beatport in Bruges. We’ve done it all for you!

We’re always working to make Spinnup the best distribution service it can be for you, so stay tuned for more service updates as they come.