Spinnup Introducing: R&B/Pop Trio, Tripov

We’re beyond happy to present Tripov, the star of this month’s Spinnup Introducing series!


Tripov caught our attention with their latest singles released with Spinnup, “All Day All Night” and “Extra”. The quirky three-piece band from Jakarta, Indonesia brings some colour into our lives with their catchy tunes, which they describe as relatable, young and easygoing. Ultimately, they aim to uplift people and serve as a reminder about the good things in life.


Their most recent single “Extra” released in September earned a spot on Spotify’s Fresh Finds Indonesia and New Music Friday Indonesia playlists. The release was also complemented with a fun dance music video and a TikTok campaign, which they dive deep into in the interview below.


Read on and get to know Evan, Yoga and Jilie as they share all about their journey in music together, fun campaigns and more!


Spinnup Introducing: Tripov

From left: Yoga Bagaspati (bassist/beat), Jilie Kezia (vocals), Evan Asher (guitarist/keyboardist). CREDIT: Evan Asher


Hey guys! Tell us a little bit about your story – how did the three of you come together to form Tripov?

It all started with Evan working on some songs with Yoga when they were looking for a singer. Evan remembered that there was a friend who had worked for a music project before and felt that she was the right person to work with – she ended up being Jilie.

At the time, they met via Zoom to play each other’s songs and because of mutual enthusiasm, they began to write their first song together. But what happened instead was that more than one song was born which they thought was interesting and could be released to a wider audience.

Apart from that, Jilie, Evan and Yoga felt that they have a match in terms of taste and value in creativity. Because they feel compatible in various ways, they went on to form a band, now known as Tripov.


What’s a fun fact about each of you?

Evan: I can’t stand it when I have to be alone for more than 24 hours.

Yoga: I learned most life lessons from video games.

Jilie: I can’t whistle at all.


How did your love for music making begin?

Our love for creating songs began when we finally turned our inspiration into a finished song, when we enjoyed hearing our own songs. Our love became even greater when we knew that we are not the only ones who like our songs. A lot of people out there listen to our songs and really like them and we were so grateful when we received supportive comments on TikTok and YouTube, it was humbling and encouraging for us to make more music. 


Who are some of your musical influences?

It ranges from musicals, R&B, funk, jazz, folk, rock, pop. Some artists that have the biggest impact are Billie Eilish, Coldplay, Justin Bieber, PREP, The 1975, Mahalia, Olivia Rodrigo, and Ariana Grande. In a nutshell, we’re pretty much a melting pot of multiple artists and genres.


Tell us a bit about the music scene in Indonesia as well as your involvement in it.

The music industry in Indonesia has been growing a lot these past few years, especially on digital platforms. Even though the pandemic restricts concerts and shows, having a digital platform makes it easier for artists to create and share their craft. Tripov is one of them, we released our first single in the middle of the pandemic. By going digital, our first song gave us opportunities to win online competitions and be more involved in the local music scene. 


We love your new single and all the feel good vibes! Tell us a bit about “Extra” and the fun campaign you guys ran for it.

Inspired by dance music, this song was born with a catchy bassline. With its radiant harmonies, “Extra” is a brilliant balance of unfiltered outpouring of confidence and joy. Tripov even finished the track in less than a day. Surely when you hear the beat you can feel your hips moving and soon realize you’re dancing along.

We wrote the hook and came up with the lyric “Extra” together in Evan’s apartment. Jilie wanted it to portray the attitude of not caring what people think on social media, and for it to be a form of self-confidence and assurance. Yoga came up with the beat and Evan added some spice with his guitar. We want people to relate and get inspiration from the song to strive for their dreams, true selves, and whoever they want to be.

Extra’s message in the music video was visualized by Jeloy and Moses from Kineworks. Jeloy wanted to create a video that’s incredibly relatable to what we all are experiencing these times, including social pressures from social media. He said that we need a reminder to not care about what anyone thinks and live in the present.

Moses added that there were many aspects applied to make visuals feel “Extra”. From color grading, choreography, wardrobe, and even props, all of these aspects must be well-captured when framing the video so the audience can feel the “Extra” spark to it.

We needed someone with the “Extra” attitude and amazing dance moves, and that’s where Debra Tamara came into the mix. Her fierce and happy-go-lucky attitude sets the tone and energy for “Extra” to come in real life.



The TikTok campaign was fun! We have always been trying to find new listeners for our songs so we created basic campaigns such as press releases, social media posts, and pitches to DSP. But in order to grow, we have to create awareness for the song, so we are learning how TikTok works and how to market our song through TikTok to grab people’s attention.

We created and planned content for TikTok, posting every two days during our single campaign. Thankfully, it works and many people discovered “Extra” through TikTok. Since then, we have had a lot of new listeners and positive feedback for our song. For the next step, we are creating intimate live sessions that will be up on our Youtube and we can’t wait to share!



Spinnup Introducing Tripov TikTok Extra

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All Day All Night is a bop too, what’s the story behind it?

All Day All Night is a song that you can sing along to during your leisure time, cruising around town, or whenever you’re hanging out with your friends. It’s a song for when you are falling in love with someone, but you’re unsure about your feelings towards them. It’s when you try to forget your crush yet the opposite happens. 



What are your hopes and dreams for your music?

We definitely want to push our music globally. We want to influence and inspire Asia and hopefully the rest of the world with our music. In these hard times, we hope our music can cheer people’s everyday lives.


What’s next for the three of you?

We have been planning and preparing for upcoming singles and hopefully an album. We’re in the process of recording our new songs and we are very excited to share our music soon!

If we’re allowed to have any live shows soon, we would like to perform live in front of a real audience. We’re also trying to find collaborators for our upcoming album and hope we can find compatible artists from Asia to do a collaboration for our song.



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