Spinnup Center Stage: Yung Nav

Here at Spinnup, we love nothing more than to discover the freshest and greatest talents. Recently, we created a new Spotify playlist called “Spinnup Center Stage,” dedicated to spotlighting up-and-coming artists. We know there’s an abundance of amazing talent out there, so we’d love nothing more than to feature some of our best artists!

Each Spinnup Center Stage Artist will receive the following opportunities:

A dedicated feature in our Spinnup blog

The cover of our Spinnup Center Stage Spotify Playlist

Three free singles for a year

Featured in Spinnup Presents Global Playlist

A 30-minute one-on-one session with a Universal Music A&R Executive



We are back with Spinnup Center Stage round 2, and we’d love to present to you Yung Nav! At just 17, Yung Nav is no stranger to the music scene in Malaysia. He has collaborated with numerous local artists and secured live shows with the likes of Raising The Bar and recently performed for The Underground Archives’ live stream show. He also had a release party dedicated to his EP, The Start Up, at The Bee, Publika, just last year!


Yung Nav has an EP and a few singles on Spotify, two of which were distributed with Spinnup this year. “Assets,” a collaboration with Ariel Samuel and Kidd Kweezy, was released in April. His latest single, “On my way” dropped in August where he also showed off his directing and editing chops in the song’s music video. While this song is about being “on his way” for someone in need, it’s also about shooting for the stars and finding his way to success. We have no doubt that he’s on the right path!


Listen to Yung Nav’s latest single “On my way”!


Watch the music video for “On my way”


We’ve got Yung Nav playing on loop, and so should you! He also expects to release more music next year, so stay tuned. Be sure to follow him over on his Instagram and YouTube.

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