Spinnup Center Stage: shazza

The discovery of up-and-coming musical talents is the heart of Spinnup. We launched Spinnup Center Stage as an initiative to highlight one Spinnup artist, plus share our playlist featuring some of the coolest tracks from South East Asia discovered through Spinnup. There’s so much good talent out there that we just need to share the love with the world! 


Each Spinnup Center Stage Artist will receive the following opportunities:

A dedicated feature in our Spinnup blog

The cover of our Spinnup Center Stage Spotify Playlist

Three free singles for a year

Featured in Spinnup Presents Global Playlist

A 30-minute one-on-one session with a Universal Music A&R Executive



We’re so happy to present our new Spinnup Center Stage artist, shazza! 19-year-old singer-songwriter Shareefa Aminah, aka shazza, hails from Singapore. Music has always been in her DNA – while she’s the sister of producer/creative Kidmeddling, shazza’s carved out a path of her own. She grew up with a passion for playing the piano and guitar, and has written songs from the age of 11. “I like telling stories with my songs painting a picture of words. It’s a very enjoyable process,” says shazza. What started as a fun passion project evolved into an instant love to express herself, and she hasn’t stopped since. 


Her debut single “August” was released last year on her birthday, August 21. Written in a tumultuous time in her life, the song calls for a time of self-reflection. “It opened a portal to my feelings,” she says. “It’s pieces of myself I have yet to find. It’s a reminder that life sucks, but I’ve been loved dearly since I came into this world.” 


The more she realized her music spoke to people, the more she wanted to make them. Opportunities like The Xtract came at just the right time to expand her musical experience. The Xtract, a music competition created by Ngee Ann Poly’s student-run radio station, Radio Heatwave, is aimed at discovering the next big thing in music. Her submitted track, “It Takes Two” was her first self-produced song, and got the touch of her brother Kidmeddling’s mixing. She came through as the winner of the competition, winning the judges’ hearts with her incredible original song and vocals.


Listen to shazza’s latest single “It Takes Two”!


One thing’s for sure, shazza wants to break boundaries. “I believe that with good intentions, the willpower of manifestation and the law of attraction, no one can take anything away from you,” says shazza. For her long-term goal, she manifests winning a Grammy. We’ve got our hopes set up high for ya, shazza! 


Be sure to follow shazza on her Instagram page and stay tuned for more of her musical magic. 


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