Spinnup Center Stage: FREYAA

Spinnup is all about discovering new artists across the globe and the wonderful music they create. We launched Spinnup Center Stage as an initiative to spotlight one Spinnup artist, as well as share our playlist featuring some of the coolest tracks from Southeast Asia discovered through Spinnup. We’ve got some gems coming from the region that you definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on. 


We’re back with Spinnup Center Stage volume 4, and we’re delighted to present our new Spinnup Center Stage artist, FREYAA! As a Spinnup Center Stage artist, FREYAA will receive the following opportunities:


A dedicated feature in our Spinnup blog

The cover of our Spinnup Center Stage Spotify Playlist

Feature in 2 Universal Music Indonesia playlists (New Sounds and Mager di Rumah)

Feature in Spinnup Presents Global Playlist

A 30-minute one-on-one session with Universal Music Indonesia Head of A&R


FREYAA is a singer-songwriter from Indonesia who, at just 16, has already got an impressive resume at hand. She took vocal lessons growing up and has independently released 2 singles with Spinnup in the past year. Besides that, she has won competitions and performed at music festivals in Indonesia. Recently, she was a contestant on The Voice Kids Indonesia season 4 which aired earlier this year. 


FREYAA cites Billie Eilish, NIKI, Isyana Sarasvati and Ariana Grande as her biggest inspirations which certainly shines through in her deep, hauntingly beautiful vocals.


Her charming debut single, “Falling” was released in October 2020. It details the experience of falling in love which culminates in unrequited love instead. Her subsequent single, “Ghost” was released in March this year. This experience is on the opposite spectrum of her debut, in which FREYAA sings about not belonging and feeling invisible, like a ghost floating by. “It felt painful and I had no one else to talk to so I wrote a song, hoping that people who listen to ‘Ghost’ know that they’re not alone,” says FREYAA. 


Listen to FREYAA’s latest single “Ghost”!


FREYAA came to realize that the biggest challenge with her music was her own fears. “I was worried that no one would listen to my songs and that it would be a waste of effort,” she says. “But I realized that it’s not about them. Writing songs is what I enjoy doing and now I believe if my songs are meant to be heard, then it would be heard.” A gentle reminder to artists reading this – hard work is always worth it, and it always pays off.


On her experience with The Voice Kids Indonesia, her intention in joining the show was simple: she wanted more people to know her and hear her songs. What ended up happening was far more than she could have imagined. While she crossed paths with amazing people whom she learned so much from, she also met Isyana Sarasvati, her idol who happens to be one of the coaches on the show, which is just the icing on the cake. Talk about a full circle! 

As an artist, one piece of advice she takes with her everywhere is: Never stop. It is so simple yet so powerful. As FREYAA beautifully puts it, “I believe work hard pays off and that when I fail, I shouldn’t stop because there are still many opportunities and you never know how close you are to making it. Where I am right now is meant to be.” 


FREYAA’s got her hopes up high – she hopes for brighter days for her career ahead, and hopes to continue inspiring people through music. She wants people from all around the world to listen to her music and feel comforted. She wants to make it happen.


Be sure to follow FREYAA on her Instagram page and stay tuned for more of her musical magic, which we can definitely (yup!) expect more of this year.