Spinnup Asia’s Top Picks: July 2021

It’s that time of the month again where we wrap up our favourite tracks released with Spinnup! The launch of our new submission tool for artists to push their tracks even further to Spinnup and Universal Music has helped us be on the lookout for amazing new artists and a wide variety of music. We received an overwhelming amount of amazing releases, and we’d like to shine a light on a few that blew us away. Below are our Top 5 picks of releases from Southeast Asia:


“Love Me” – Dubai Tax Fare

In their fun new indie rock sophomore single “Love Me,” the 4-piece from KL dive deep into entangled relationships, and challenges the honesty of relationships in the modern era, all while making you feel like you wanna dance, sing along loudly and just rock out. This tune was featured in 11 Spotify playlists, including New Music Friday, .ORG, Chill Lah and Fresh Finds SG & MY.



“tak perlu tahu” – Izat Ibrahim

The R&B pop singer takes his new Malay single to new heights with a refreshing pop sound, complemented with his amazing vocal range. Most importantly, this song makes you feel as though you’re dancing at a party like there’s no tomorrow. This song can also be found on Spotify’s Bakat Segar and Pop Terkini! playlists.



“Expectations” – Joy Alexis

Joy Alexis’ bittersweet new single illustrates the struggles of a child who did not identify with their assigned gender at birth. It also serves as a message to everyone to be more accepting of differences, no matter the race, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity. “Having expectations is inevitable, but being open-minded to your expectations not being met is a choice,” says the singer-songwriter. So beautifully said!

“Ambrosia” – UTCPLUS8 & jimmy_thegoat

This genre-bending track has been givin’ us vibes for days. The inspiration behind their new collab “Ambrosia” is the food of the gods from Greek mythology, which grants immortality and longevity. This reflects how a love interest they’re pursuing is enchantingly good but dangerous to indulge in. This was also featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday SG & MY and Fresh Finds SG & MY.



“If I Told You” – Tiara Maimun

Tiara Maimun transports us to a whole other world with her hauntingly beautiful voice yet sultry and calming tone. “If I Told You” verbalizes the raw and authentic emotions of someone struggling to stay afloat. This melancholic strain is the voice of a broken soul, reminding you that you’re not alone. This song was also featured on 14 (wow!) Spotify playlists such as New Music Friday, .ORG, Women of Singapore, Chill Lah and Fresh Finds SG & MY.


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