Spinnup artists record at Abbey Road Studios

In early October legendary recording studio, Abbey Road Studios, launched their first ever app Topline with the help of two Spinnup acts, Indigo Palace and BLOOM. Joceline and Dee from Indigo Palace, and Nicole aka BLOOM were invited to spend the day in Abbey Road’s Gatehouse Studio to demo the app to media, and talk about their own music making process.


Like kids in a candy store, these three couldn’t resist putting Topline and all the gear on offer in The Gatehouse to good use in between interviews, as well as drawing on the expertise of in-house studio engineer, Dan Hayden, who assisted the recording over the whole day.

Within a few hours they had written and recorded an entire song – ‘Storm’ – using Topline and proving how useful it is for songwriters and music makers to write music and collaborate on projects.

Photo by Charlie Sarsfield

One half of Indigo Palace – vocalist, emcee, producer and engineer, Joceline – provided the beat for ‘Storm’ and the soulful vocals in the hook. All it took was for his ‘other half’ Dee to grab the phone and lay down his verse using Topline, before Nicole added her harmonies and a sultry second verse, and that was it.

A fully finished demo in a matter of minutes.

They spent the rest of the day laying down various parts using Abbey Road’s equipment, before finalising it in Joceline’s own South London studio. Now the track has been tweaked and polished, mixed and mastered, and distributed by Spinnup.


Listen to ‘Storm (feat. BLOOM)’ on your preferred streaming service, or stream on Spotify below.

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All photos by: Charlie Sarsfield, shot in Studio 2 and The Gatehouse at Abbey Road Studios

Film by: Antonia Luxem