Spinnup Academy: Lesson 8 – Playlisting & Streaming

Happy New Year Spinnup Gang! To get you off on the right foot, this edition of Spinnup Academy covers one of the most important features of your release: Playlisting & Streaming. These wise words are given by the incredible Joe Pym (Streaming Manager at Island Records) who explains the optimal way to pitch to playlists and how to increase your chances of getting featured. Breakdown below:


Monitor your releases and how they are performing on all different streaming platforms DAILY using the Spinnup Artist App. This gives you detailed stats on Deezer, Spotify, YouTube etc.


Engaged Audience > Playlist Support – It’s easier to pitch yourself for playlist support if you are already having engagement and activity on your tracks (such as users adding your track to their own playlists and following you).


Different streaming platforms have different rules for pitching tracks (etc. pitching tool or form etc). Essentially, your track will be presented to an editor of a playlist so make sure you do your research. Be sure to keep track of your release schedule and your key shows in particular markets as well as notable press/blog coverage to monitor how these change your streaming figures.


Set your release as far in advance as possible (minimum 3 weeks) to give yourself time to prepare to release. This also gives time for editors to listen to your track.




That’s all for this lesson! Did you miss last weeks lesson? Click here to get up to scratch! Huge love to the incredible KamiKwazi for soundtracking this lesson with his track ‘Low High‘, be sure to check him out on his instagram, and Twitter. and our past Introducing article on him. Join us next week when we take you through ‘Money Matters’ and have a sneak peak at the rest of our series here.