Spinnup Academy – Lesson 5: Social Media & Digital Marketing

Welcome back! This week, we bring you lesson 5 of Spinnup Academy, led by Island Records’ own Senior Digital Marketing Manager Faye Williams who shares her insight into ‘Social Media & Digital Marketing’ yourself as an artist. Lesson notes (and video) below:


Have a plan – With your digital content, consider who you actually are and what you stand for as an artist. Think about who your audience is currently, the audience you want to reach and how exactly you are going to target them with your content.


Have a USP – What makes you stand out as an artist? What is your Unique Selling Point and how will you communicate this with an audience? Think about what you want to say and how you will make this will cut through social media.


Collab & Create – The power of collaboration enables you to tap into communities you may have not had access to. Get creative and fun with your content. One way to structure this is through having content pillars (i.e. having minimum 3 central themes to center your content around such as music, food and fashion etc)


Have patience – As Lucy Dann said in the last Spinnup Academy episode, building audiences takes time. Have patience and focus on the quality of your content. Create a long term and consistent Content Plan.


Be active – Try and be active on all major platforms and investigate into other social apps/networks that you master.


That’s all for this lesson! Did you miss last weeks lesson? Click here to get up to scratch! This lesson is soundtracked by the amazing ‘athena’ with their track ‘I Was Ill, but I Think I’m Ok Now‘. Be sure to give their instagram, YouTube and SoundCloud some love! Join us next week when we take you through ‘Publicity’ and have a sneak peak at the rest of our series here.