Spinnup Academy – Lesson 4: Creative & Marketing Your Brand

We return this week with a special edition of Spinnup Academy, led by the incredible Head of Polydor Records Marketing Lucy Dann who shares her insight into your Creative alongside Marketing Your Brand. Lesson notes (and video) below:

1. When beginning to think about marketing your creativity and creating a brand to put out for public consumption, CONSISTENCY & AUTHENTICITY are key. Create something that you can stand by that supports the music accordingly as THE MUSIC WILL ALWAYS LEAD.


2. Although creating your own distinctive brand is difficult, dont put too much pressure to get everything perfect from the start! Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither were you. Simply beginning the creative process will let it naturally evolve over time.

3. When formulating a plan, create brand pillars and stick to your brand pillars (for example, your social brand/voice may consist of live music, touring, friendship and humour. Therefore, stick to this, making sure you hit at least one of these pillars in every post)



4. When building your brand, it is equally important to know what you are AND what you are not. Use fellow musicians and other artists as inspiration for what you can do for your socials and what you don’t want to do. Reach out to the community to help you as you never want to underestimate the power of a strong visual.

5. Be prepared to have to know your brand inside and out so you can formulate a lift pitch for this (a 30 second summary of what you’re all about)




7. Understand your core audience (who is listening to you and following you) and you can then create content catered to them. You are then engaging with an audience which gives room for this core to grow. Do not worry about targeting everyone. Please be aware however that audience building does take time.

8. Be aware that the space and time for audience attention is very competitive/narrow. Be creative as possible when getting your brand out depending on and catered to your target/core audience.

9. Once you’ve established a brand that works for yourself and your audience, STICK TO IT (of course you are allowed to grow with your brand however, remember your online voice and your audience)




That’s all for this lesson! Did you miss last weeks lesson? Click here to get up to scratch! This lesson is soundtracked by the incredible ‘The Roov’ with their track ‘Wanna Be Like Me’. Be sure to give their instagram, Facebook and Twitter some love! Join us next week when we take you through ‘Social Media & Digital Marketing’ and have a sneak peak at the rest of our series here.