Spinnup Academy

Spinnup Academy: Lesson 2 – How To Use Spinnup

Welcome back to lesson 2 of Spinnup Academy, we hope you understood and revised Lesson 1 as we are going to move on now to some of the meat of the syllabus…’How To Use Spinnup’

In this lesson, soundtracked by our incredible Churchoter, we explain to you how you can use Spinnup and how it works for you.  Watch below to check it out for yourself and you can also read below for the key takeaway points from the video:

1. Sign up for FREE

2. Choose which project/product you are wanting to release with us (Single, EP, Album)

3. Drag and drop your audio

4. Add the track information – This includes Artist Name, Cover Art, Song/Project Name, Genre, Lyrics, Release Date etc. Make sure you read our Cover Art Guidelines prior to your release to speed up the process.

5. Simply preview your release and pay! Your release can take 3-10 days to be approved by the Spinnup team.



Make sure you understand this completely so you are ready for next week in which we will go over ‘A&R‘ with senior Polydor A&R manager Rich Castillo. All other resources for this lesson can be found here.


See you next week.