Spinnup Academy: Lesson 10 – Business & Legal Affairs

Our final Spinnup Academy lesson is often a world of mystery for most artists but, is ultimately the distinction between your music being a hobby or your career. The amazing Talia Shabatai (Legal, Island Records) breaks down the complex world of Business and Legal affairs so, keep scrolling to watch her wise words and lesson notes are below:


DEALS: Record labels will favour to propose traditional record deals that are centered around your artist product at the time of signing (which includes either an EP/Album/Single). New artists who are starting out may be offered a ‘Development Deal’. With this type of deal, you will be given money (similar to an advance) to work your ‘product’ yourself with the option for the Record Label to take on further singles/albums/EP’s). The label can also ‘work’ your single when on a Development deal (work meaning to market etc).

With an album deal, the recording costs and associated marketing/artwork costs you incur will be covered by the record label and you will also be at the benefit of receiving A&R services for your ‘product’ which they will then deliver to stores. How many tracks required to make an album alongside other requirements of your products will be listed in your contract.

When in the process of receiving and negotiating you will need a lawyer. This can be a slightly daunting process and can also be costly. This is not always the case however as legal consultation can be flexible in their pricing (i.e. can charge a flat fee or, hold on to costs until you have signed your deal). Legal consultation, advice and representation from an early stage is an important aspect of your career to consider.



That’s all for this lesson and for the academy! Did you miss last weeks lesson? Click here to get up to scratch! Huge love to the incredible Chuchoter for soundtracking this lesson with their track ‘Gorilla‘, be sure to check them out on their instagramFacebook, Twitter and YouTube. Congrats, if you’ve stuck around for all of the lessons, you have officially graduated Spinnup Academy! Now its time to use what you’ve learnt over the past 10 weeks (and we can’t wait to see what you do). Sign up today to get started