Spinnup heads to Abbey Road for Topline

A few weeks ago our friends at Abbey Road Studios showed us something very special they were working on – their first ever app!

Called Topline, the brand new app is designed for artists and songwriters of all genres to help them catch their musical ideas instantly and precisely, sketching the beginning of a song as it happens. We’ve put it to the test and can say with certainty that this will change the way you make your music.


We know very well just how many voice note recordings artists have on their phones as they try and get down that melody that just came to them, or the lyrics that popped into their heads. And the most annoying part? Trying to share all those voice notes with your band members, producers or collaborators.

With Topline you can share files easily, sing over imported tracks, add lyrics, tags and pictures, find previous work at speed, and always have space for new ideas by synching songs to your favourite cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox etc.)


The app officially launched this week, but Spinnup artists Bloom and duo Indigo Palace (J Francis & Dee 93) were given special early access, allowing them to download and demo the app in advance.


We joined Bloom and the Indigo Palace guys at the launch event at Abbey Road Studios this week, where they showed off the app to the UK’s music media, demonstrating how they’ve come to use the app for their music over the last few weeks.

We spent the day in Abbey Road’s new studio The Gatehouse, where in between interviews Bloom and Indigo Palace made use of Topline and the impressive studio equipment to write and record a new song together!



You can read more about Topline here, and download for iOs from the App Store. It is currently only available in the UK app store, but will be available worldwide very soon!


Make sure you check out BLOOM and Indigo Palace’s latest releases below, and you never know, you might just see their collaboration live in stores soon!

BLOOM – Millenial Tides EP 

Indigo Palace – Dial EP 

** UPDATE: Check out the final product, ‘Storm (Feat. BLOOM) By Indigo Palace here **