Soundtrap – your music studio on the web!

Record your music online! Collaborate and share!

Music making and recording is now easier than ever! You don’t have to be a studio technician in order to make recordings with high audio quality. Soundtrap wants to make advanced recording technology more available for everyone, that will promote creativity – and make the world a better place!

Soundtrap is a new, web-based music studio, a recording tool for creative and impatient musicians – singers, song writers and artists. You shouldn’t be stopped by time consuming and complicated technology when you’re inspired and want to make music in that very moment!

Spinnup is now collaborating with Soundtrap to make your releases to Spinnup easier and more fun! When you’ve finished recording a song on Soundrap, you can simply “Share” it to, using a free single release voucher (first year free of charge). The code  will be given to you as you click the Spinnup-button to share your music. You can make songs together with different users! Pretty neat, huh?

Enter Soundtrap and start creating music today!