So You Want To Be Famous…

Everyone wants to be famous. Right? well in this industry, that’s actually not true for everybody. Perhaps it would be better to say that people want recognition for their hard work. Recognition comes in many forms that might not include fame. One thing that people often struggle with is being honest about what they want in the music industry, and that can hamper the speed at which you can achieve your goals.

This article is about honesty and how it gives you an advantage. It provides more of a straight line to your goals. We’ve heard the universe gets out of our way when we are clear about what we want. Maybe give it a go?


– Be honest about what you want

– Be careful about the ‘Fame Trap’

– Work hard and offer value


Be Honest About What You Want

John Mayer gave an interactive talk at the Berklee School of Music a few years ago, and it remains relevant today. Throughout his talk he played guitar and explained the way he starts writing a song, and the best way to perform a solo to keep audience attention, among other things. Sprinkled in were his words of wisdom at the time. Sure our words and thoughts are ever evolving but he touched on something that applies to everyone starting towards a goal – and that is being honest.



What is meant by being honest?  Honest with yourself. What exactly do you want? Don’t be afraid to speak it, because that honesty will put you on a trajectory that aligns with it.

Do you want to be a singer? Or is your honest truth saying you want to be the drummer who is also a producer.

Are paparazzi intriguing for you and you’d like to have your picture taken everywhere you go, because you’re aiming for a stratospheric level of fame based on your talent? Great, be honest about it.

Too often in this industry we like to fit into a place made by somebody else. There can also be pressure from friends who (through no fault of their own) expect that every music maker wishes to be famous and number 1 on the charts. This simply isn’t true and you’ll make yourself exhausted being something you’re not. Be honest with what you want, set your goals, and go for it!


Be careful about the ‘Fame Trap’

Let’s touch on something deeper that can be at play here. The ‘wanting to be famous just to be famous’ trend that is sweeping through the younger generations. There’s no substance to that surely? Many a talented musician, who is also famous, say that fame was a byproduct of working hard on what they love. It was never a goal – it came along with it. Now if you think being famous from providing value through your musical talents is something you want, that’s awesome. Being famous ‘just because’ might need closer evaluation.


Work Hard and Offer Value

What do you have to offer the world? Your talents right! Creative people bring a lot to the table and provide to others a form of escapism. Spotify and Netflix are huge for a reason. Everyone thrives when immersed in a product of creation – and you, our wonderful Spinnup readers, are excellent creators. Perhaps it’s as simple as working hard and being yourself. The ones that love what you do will gravitate towards you.

And the others? They’ll gravitate towards other things. We can’t win them all, that’s not how life works. Work hard and be yourself. Being yourself starts with being honest. Once you know what it is you want it’s much easier to form a plan, and head towards a goal.

Stay in your own lane and make a connection with your audience. People buy into connection, a shared narrative, a feeling of being understood. Providing value happens when we connect with others. See your audience as people who can share in the stories you tell through music and the way you construct a song. There are many individuals that will understand where you’re coming from because you’re telling a story that ultimately makes them feel understood. Like minds think alike and all that jazz. Never get too far from who you are as a person.

Find your fan base and everything else will come. Well, your fans will find you if you keep putting music out there and being yourself – you will connect with someone, and that someone will tell a friend, and that friend might come see a show. And on it goes. There is a whole galaxy out there that want what you have to offer and believes in what you say. But I’m not a wordsmith, what should I do? If it’s not words, it’s a vibe. You can express yourself in many ways. Speak through the energy you put out to the world.

The moment we chase things we don’t really believe in, it becomes apparent to others. If you do love all genres and trying new things and making different kinds of records that is all good – if it’s you. You do it because you’re chasing the ‘next thing’ then it probably won’t work too well. Either people won’t buy into it, or you’ll burn out keeping up the pretence.


Stand behind what you do and be honest with what you want.

“I just feel like it was time for me to grow, not just as an artist but as a person. I want the world to know me for who I am. I just sit back and reflect on why Tupac is one of the greatest, why B.I.G is one of the greatest, why Jay is. Because the people felt like they had a connection, it wasn’t just a facade that you seen on stage or on TV. What better way to start than……let them know who I am as a person” – Kendrick Lamar


Tip to start: Start appreciating what you have by identifying things you are grateful for.

Identify 3 things you are grateful for right now. Boom! You’re on your way

Spinnup is grateful for our readers, and all the artists working hard for their love of music. We see you and we love hearing you. Share more of your music with us today.