Well Versed

Small challenge: Street performance!

We’re kicking of the small challenges with a great one: the street performance challenge! Yes, it is what it sounds like: grab your artist or band (if you scout more than one, choose the one you think suits the best for this challenge). Film them performing live, and why not edit it into a great video showing the skills of your artist!

All videos will be published on Spinnup’s Youtube channel and promoted in other social media channels and on the website. These factors will be taken in consideration when choosing the winner for this challenge:

  • Location: Choose a cool location which will look good on tape!
  • Audience: This goes hand in hand with location, but try to choose a spot where you’ll find an audience. We want to hear them scream!
  • Quality of the video: Try to edit your video into perfection: the more professional the better. If you’re not that experience yourself with video editing, why not ask a friend who is?

So do your best! Send your video to the scout manager, and the Scout who provides the best one wins a Spotify ad for the artist. A great way to promote your artist or band!

Send your video September 31 at the latest. Use Wetransfer or similar to send the files.

Standard challenge (best listener/commentator/Facebook challenge) runs as usual.