Well Versed



As the third small challenge, we want you to be on the hunt for likes for the Spinnup Facebook page. A good first step is to invite all your friends to like the page, and if you have your own page you can invite all your followers there, but how you will go on after that is up to you. Be creative! A good example is what Niklas Hansson did for his artist Anna Wihlke, where he collaborated with a jewelry manufacturer to produce bracelets for a like-campaign for her Facebook Page. Maybe contact him for some inspiration?

As it will be hard to measure how many likes each one of you have collected, we will do things a bit different this time. We’ve set the limit to a 1200 likes (currently we have 537), and if we reach that all of you will be rewarded. How will we be rewarded you ask? Well, let’s keep that a secret for now. That’s a bit more than 30 likes you’ll have to collect each, not an impossibility!

Now, go get those likes!

This challenge runs until the middle of May, when a new small challenge begins, so you better start now! If you reach the goal, you will all be rewarded with a night out, to be more specific beer and a concert!