Well Versed



As the second small challenge in May, we give you…. the festival challenge! As you all know, the summer is when it really happens when it comes to music in Sweden. Therefore, we want to send you guys to a bunch of festivals to promote Spinnup (and of course get to watch some really great bands)!

As the challenge, we want you to write a motivational letter in which you describe how you will promote Spinnup at these festivals. Try to keep it to one page. What kind of campaign will you run? How will you make sure that the entire crowd will know what Spinnup is and will recommend it to all their friends once they get home? Remember that you have a bunch of posters, flyers and stickers to work with. All letters will be read and evaluated, and 8 winners will be selected. So be creative in you letter and do your best!

Don’t forget to write which festival you want to attend (Hultsfred, Bråvalla and Way Out west). The winner of this challenge will be selected by the end of the month (May).