Second artist signed from Spinnup!

We are delighted and proud to announce that Albin will be the second Spinnup artist to sign with Universal Music.

Two weeks ago the 24 -year old Albin Johnsén released his third single ‘Din Soldat’ and off the back of it has been discovered up by Universal.

He was scouted by Sebastian Karlsson:

“After having heard the demo a couple of times, I felt that it had the potential of becoming a hit. When I found myself singing along to it in the subway, I knew it would be a success.” Spinnup scout Sebastian Karlsson then contacted Albin’s manager and got the ball rolling.

‘Din Soldat’ has streamed about 100,000 times on Spotify in just a couple of weeks. The song was presented to A&R’s in one of Spinnup’s scout meetings, and that’s when things took off.

Albin has played music and been rapping for ten years in various projects, including the groups ‘Impulsive Lifestyle’ and ‘Right’. He fell in love with Swedish rap as a child and he began to write his own rap lyrics at the early age of 10 taking inspiration from artists/groups like Fattaru, Ken Ring, Dr.Dre and Eminem.

Listen to this year’s summer hit here: Albin – Din soldat.