Introducing the first Scout Takeover

As you all well know, our worldwide network of Scouts is one of the most important parts of Spinnup. Without them we’d be… well we’d be like every other distribution service out there. Our Scouts volunteer their time to Spinnup, lending their ears and expertise to our artists giving them feedback to help them improve as a musician and navigate the industry. But what else do they do outside of Spinnup? What music do they listen to in their own headphones, what do they do for fun?

To answer all of this and more we’re introducing the Scout Takeover, where one Scout will ‘take over’ our Spotify and Instagram for a full month. First up is one of our new Scouts from Sweden, Kimberly! As a Scout for Swedish artists, Kimberly is also one of special International Scouts which means she is pushed releases from artists all over the world in countries that don’t have their own local Scout team.

But that’s just one part of what she does… read our interview with Kimberly below and make sure to follow her Scout Takeover playlist to see what tracks she is loving right now, which will be updated each week for the whole of August. Who knows, she might just come across your release to add to her playlist. She’ll also be taking over our Instagram adding photos and stories from her summer escapades!


Spinnup: Hi Kimberly, thanks for being our first scout to ‘takeover’! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Kimberly: For as long as I can remember music has always been a part of who I am. During my younger years, I competed in song contests and performed at every social event I could. From the age of four, I was constantly engaged in activities where singing and dancing played a big part. Ever since music has always been my greatest interest and passion.

Now that I’m a grown up (kind of) I have been working towards getting into the PR in the industry, so I chose to study media and communication science; to get the development I need to break into the field.

Outside of the time I put in being a Scout (of course!), I love hanging out with my friends and family here in Sweden. But at almost all times you will always see me with my headphones on!

S: How long have you been a Spinnup Scout?

K: I joined the Scout team in May of this year, but  already I have stumbled upon a lot of great music and cool artists the world needs to hear! Make sure you check out Isak Danielson, Leo The Kid and Mos Isley!

S: What made you want to be a Scout?

K: Finding new sounds and unique artists is something I put a lot of effort into and something I truly enjoy doing. But I also wanted to find a way to do this and incorporate my existing experience and skills in music and PR to help artists reach their dreams!

S: What’s your favourite track you’ve come across on Spinnup so far?

K: That’s a tough one, but I would have to say ”Ingen som” by MIKI. It’s currently on the Scout Picks playlist on Spotify.

S: What’s your favourite genre of music?

K: Oh that’s tough – every kind of music that grabs my attention from the get-go really! Whether it’s funky rhythms or a soulful voice.

S: What kind of tunes can we expect to hear on your playlist this month?

K: It will be eclectic for sure. Everything from smoky soul, rhythm & blues through to electronic poppin’ sounds and Hip-Hop. Tunes that will definitely make your heart and body feel some sort of way. Basically anything that I like!

S: What else will you be up to during your Scout Takeover?

K: I will be updating my Scout Takeover playlist each week for the month of August, but you will also get to follow me on Spinnup’s Instagram. You will be joining me when I visit Way Out West festival in Gothenburg (my favourite Swedish festival), the school’s kick-off and perhaps get a glimpse of my own music project!

Make sure you listen to Kimberly’s Scout Takeover playlist, and follow Spinnup on Instagram to see what else she gets up to during her Scout Takeover!