Scout Binnie Ahlsén: Trust your gut

When you’re relatively picky and possess that gene called “perfectionist”, you’re often prepared to wait a while before you find something that feels just right. You become dependent on your gut feeling, which becomes your best friend (and sometimes even your worst enemy). It’s a best friend who, when you’re working as a scout, is worth gold.

In order to deal with an artist and the work around the concept, you must have some kind of “connection”. Working with an artist 100% commercially, without being able to relate artistically on some level, results in the final goal to be only about money. To be able to stay in the industry (for more than a few seconds) and have a rewarding career, well – you need to put some heart into it.

When I found the right artist for me, it only took a few seconds to realise that everything felt just right. The sound, the feel and the potential concept fit me like a glove, and most importantly – it inspired me. It shouldn’t take too long before your gut says “yes”, and if it does – listen to it! If it feels right then it probably is, no matter if it’s just for now or in the long run.

Right now my scouted artist is writing and recording new music, and together we are developing the concept, looking for cooperation opportunities around the world and everything that goes with it. Our biggest common interest is that we both want to challenge and change the way we think of commercial music today, and introduce more “alternative” genres into the everyday listening. One must not forget that we are all different, especially when it comes to our taste in music!

I see a promising future for my artist and her genre, and my gut feels exactly as it should feel: Right.

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And check her music video “Tower of Babel”: