Scout Ali Vedadi: Some things never change

In today’s music scene, one thing that really gets me angry is a bad live show. You listen to the songs from the album and it sounds fantastic, you get pumped to hear them live, you buy tickets to the show and suddenly you aren’t getting what you paid for! Sound familiar?

The music industry is evolving constantly and there are now more and more ways to make your own music.

In the ‘golden ages’ the only way to discover bands or artists was to see them live or hear them on the radio, and right away you knew if you had something. There was no ‘faking it’. This has totally changed over the years. Technology and accessibility make it easy for everyone to record their own music and release it. It’s also very easy for people all over the world to listen to it.

This is both good and bad, but one thing will never change, if you are an artist/band trying to make it, people will sooner or later want to see you perform live! This is the only way for fans to really get close to you and to get to know you as an artist. Due to declining record sales, this can be the best way to make money from the industry.

So if you’re a band or a solo artist sitting in your room and recording music, whilst that is fantastic, make sure you put the same amount of effort into performing live and working on your live shows! There is no better way of making sure that a label, A&R and your fans want to come back for more.