Sad, Vibrant and the Power

This week we introduce: Sad, Vibrant and the Power who recently released the single Dangerous. Simon Andersson tells us more about it:

When did you start to make music and how did it start?
I’ve been playing drums with different people/bands practically since I was a child. And I still do. I moved to Stockholm in 2008 from my hometown Örebro where I lived in a house with a basement. After a while in Stockholm things tended to get a bit boring because I couldn’t play my drum kit in my home any more. I couldn’t play anything else at all really. So I got some music software and started drawing out notes instead. And later on, I bought a couple of synthesizers. Also I’ve always been singing in one way or another so the whole thing evolved quite naturally. I kept going and suddenly I had a couple of tracks ready.

I released my first EP “Got To Run” earlier this year. Also I asked a couple of friends to join me in trying to do some live gigs together. And luckily it worked out really good.

Where do you find inspiration to your music?
Well, I guess love, nature, life, sadness, happiness makes it happen… But many times I can write a song out of a new sound I find on my or someone elses synthesizer. And since I’m a drummer I like beats, they tend to stick to my mind in some way. It could be something I’ve heard that has just been evolved in my subconsciousness during some time. Or it may just be completely stolen, sometimes i don’t know, haha.

I’m not really keeping track of all the latest music but when I find something I like, I can listen to that specific song for weeks. And nothing else. And a great song is always good inspiration to me.

What was the process like when you were working on your single Dangerous?
Dangerous is actually one of my very first songs. So the process was maybe not typical for how I work now. But I guess it started with a beat as usual. Since I finished the song, I re-produced it a number of times before I got to this version. It’s difficult but good to start over.

Then I also let my friend Staffan mix it for a change (usually I do almost everything on my own: Recording, producing and mixing). But this turned out to be a good medicine for this track. I’m a bit reluctant to let other people in to work with my music. Even though it’s very likely things get improved when you do, I’ve discovered.

How do you feel the overall response has been like?
So far it’s been good but quiet. A lot of good words from friends, even though they might be a little too kind some times. I haven’t really put my best effort into spreading it all over yet so we’ll see what happens. I’am sure hoping for some more attention.

Have you had any gigs lately? How was it?
We did a few gigs this spring. Our last one was at Debaser Medis in Stockholm. That was truly awesome.

What happens next?
I feel really inspired so I try to write new stuff as often as I can. The next big thing will be to release a new EP in late spring 2014.

I focus on getting some more gigs, and trying to find a booking agency or person to help me out with that. We’re playing at Landet, Telefonplan on 8th of February. So come and see us then!
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