Rookie 2014: The place for tomorrow’s superstars

The Rookiefestival in Hultsfred has, since its inception in 2000, done a great job positioning itself as the festival where fresh acts are lifted up to new heights and put on the same stage as larger, more established artists. This year’s “Big-dog” was none other than Adrian Lux and among the rookies, the Spinnup team are proud to announce that three out of the 14 were Spinnup acts!

The first Spinnup act was Valskrik, who performed on the smaller “Pub Stage”. The one-man electronica/alternative band, consisting of Fredrik Bergstrand, was accompanied only by a large table of equipment, a microphone and his laptop on stage. He still managed to grab the attention of every single person in the audience with his dreamy, emotional music and airy vocals and all around there were people with subtle smiles on their faces. Some standing still with crossed arms, some nodding their heads to the beat and some dancing like crazy, just like it’s supposed to be to this fragile and melancholic dance music. Note: Valskrik’s entire performance can be seen on

The opening act for the night on the larger “Main stage”, also the second Spinnup act of the evening, was hip-hop/soul singer Adée, who also participated in a seminar on the difference between male and female influence in the music business earlier that same day. Joined by a three-piece band on stage, she delivered a great vocal performance along with cocky rap parts and made the somewhat humble amount of people in the crowd dance and even sing along to her hit “Woman”.

Straight after it was time for the last Spinnup artist of the evening, the dark electro/EBM trio Blackshots. Also playing the “Main stage”, theirs was a performance well out of the ordinary! With Gesaffelstein-esque beats, Marilyn Manson-like vocals and a don’t-give-shit-attitude, the hard working “engineer” and two singers treated the audience with a great and heavy live show. The cold and hard light, flashing intensely on the crescendos, really added to that feeling and created a seldom seen experience for the audience. The best response from the audience came on the only single that the band has released so far, called “Cage”.

Listen to:
Valskrik – Drömmen
Adée – Woman
Blackshots – Cage