Rogue vs Strategic Marketing

I once saw a large painted stamp on the sidewalk.  It was Jesus and Oprah.  Each day I would walk past and notice people talking about it.  What a fabulous way to get people’s attention….the ultimate rogue marketing is when you cause a person to stop and take note.  It doesn’t matter what thought they have about it as long as you have their attention.  Banksy nails this realm.

There was one issue with that stamp – no one knew who did it and if they had other works.  Could this be because rogue marketing often doesn’t take off?  Or because the artist didn’t know what to do next?

The thing is, rogue marketing can work so well and have a huge impact.  Some would say Banksy has gone from rogue marketing to being strategic. Yes, there are crossovers, as an element of strategy is required – otherwise, rogue marketing becomes reckless abandon.  Similarly, without a thought out strategic marketing plan, it is possible you will remain an unknown.  So, what do you do when it comes to getting people’s attention, and holding it?  Go rogue or go strategic?  Whichever path you choose to take with regard to marketing your brand/your song/your art, we have provided some tips to get you started.

Rogue marketing

Choose a place your message will be seen.  Somewhere with high footfall.  A place where you want people to know about you.  Use a picture, a sticker, a guitar pick, whatever.  A hidden sound device playing your music.  If you do that last one, make sure there’s a sign to Shazam the track (if you’ve released your music with Spinnup, your music will be on Shazam automatically.) Now, we are not advocating the defacing of property or any illegal activity.  But pushing the boundaries (without causing harm to anybody) is a way to be seen.  Groove it out, baby!  WHAT will you be marketing?

If it is a song, in what form will you display it?  Audio, painting, stickers, an art structure?  Get that ready and then timing is key.  Pick a time period during a parade, or a football match, or a skate park comp.  All eyes on your brand remember.  Get people’s attention, and then do it again.  This type of marketing is less about ‘I am Jason go and buy my song’, and more about creating a vibe and a theme that people want to know more about.  Jab Jab Jab right hook.   Give, give, give, ask for a sale.

Strategic marketing

Come up with a plan that has a few trajectories – and these trajectories intersect. For example, look at your stats online, you can do this in your Spinnup artist account, and see where your music is being played the most.

• Then release a track specifically to the region

• Make an Instagram campaign to users in the chosen demographic

• Organise a gig in that city

• Follow other musicians in that region and team up to do a live gig together.


Anything that targets the same group of people in varying ways.  It is said that it takes a brand seven contacts before a person will consider it.  Allow the same group of people to come in contact with your brand (read: song, band etc) at least seven times. This increases the chance that they will consider following you and your music.

Consideration increases awareness, and increased awareness improves sales.

Whichever way you decide to market yourself, have an end goal in mind.  Do you want more followers?  Perhaps you would like to get onto a Spotify playlist.  Whatever it is, start there and work backwards.  Once you have an end goal in mind, it will become clear on how to achieve it.