Recap: Kimberly’s Scout Takeover

August was Kimberly month here at Spinnup with one of our Swedish Scouts, Kimberly, taking over our Spotify and sharing on our Instagram for the first Scout Takeover.

We introduced you to Kimberly at the beginning of August, finding out how she became a Scout and what music she’s loving at the moment. Over the last month we’ve gotten to know her music tastes better with weekly playlist updates featuring artists such as Flume, Blood Orange, Khalid, SZA and Maala. Through her work as a Scout she also uncovered and featured Spinnup artists Julian Maverick, Isak Danielson, Celéste, Mako Road and MIKI

With more pushes coming in to her account than usual, you guys must have loved Kimberly’s work as much as we have!


Before we let Kimberly get back to her normal life, we had a chat to recap her Scout Takeover and find out how to best get her attention as an artist.

How did you enjoy being the first Scout to ‘take over’?

I feel that the Scout Takeover month is a great way for the artists to get to know us, scouts, a bit better and what kind of music we enjoy. So, I was more than happy to be the first one!

What’s your favourite song you added to your playlist?

My favourite song added on my playlist has to be Bittersweet Symphony; I never get tired of that intro.

Way Out West. I love this festival. This year is one heavy line-up! 🌟🙌🏼 #ScoutTakeover

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Did you discover any new Spinnup artists over the month?

Spinnup’s duo EASY FREAK is literally right now my favourite discovery. I love their sound!

What’s next for you?

School’s just started and I am excited about it (as well as terrified) being the last year! I am also working on my own music and hopefully, I will put something out there really soon for people to hear.

What’s your key piece of advice for Spinnup artists wanting to get your attention?

To really get my attention I want to hear something exciting and unique! Another thing I also look into is the effort you as an artist put on promoting your music. I like when you have a profile where you as a listener can get a sense of what kind of vibe you as an artist have, by that I mean a great bio and the visuals, like for instance your artwork; it really connects everything and makes it into a ‘whole’.


We’ll be choosing another one of our Scouts to do a Scout Takeover soon, could they be from your country? Stay tuned.