Push your tracks to Spinnup and Universal Music A&Rs!

At Spinnup, we not only make your tracks available on major streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Joox, TikTok, Instagram and more, but we get your music discovered by A&Rs at Universal Music, bringing you one step closer to getting signed.


We receive such a great volume of song submissions from fantastic artists all over Southeast Asia on the daily, that we launched a brand new submission tool for you to push your tracks even further to our teams at Spinnup and Universal Music!


That’s right – to increase your chances of getting noticed and featured, we have created a submission tool for you to not only push your tracks to A&Rs at Universal Music (the people who discover and sign talent to the label!), but this will also help you get chosen for Spinnup playlists and boost your chances of getting featured on our social media! Our teams receive a lot of submissions, so pushing your track to us makes you stand out even more.


Follow the simple instructions below to submit your track for consideration. (If you have already released your track with Spinnup, skip to step 8)


1. Create your free Spinnup account HERE

Or if you already have one, log in as normal.


2. Create a release

Once you’ve logged into your Spinnup account, click on “Create a new release” and select the release of your choice – “Single”, “EP” or “Album”.


3. Upload your track(s)

Upload the song you want to submit. Make sure that you only publish your own music and not recordings by other artists. For more info about that click here.


4. Add your track information

The stores are pretty specific about what can and can’t go on your release. DO NOT write your artist name, or the name of any featuring artists, in the song title.

For the version please select “Original”.

If your track contains explicit lyrics, please select “Explicit Lyrics”.


5. Add your release information

Go to “Release Options” and enter your artist name.

Choose the genre of your music and the language in which you have labeled your song(s).

You can select to release ‘ASAP’ or on a date of your choosing.


6. Upload your cover art

Continue to “Cover Art Upload” and upload a square image that is at least 1500 × 1500 pixels in size.

If you don’t have any artwork ready, then you can use one of the free designs we have created!

IMPORTANT: Your cover art should only show the title of your song and your artist name. Further information is NOT allowed on the cover.


7. Review your order

This is the last step, and it’s really important you check all the information to make sure it’s correct.

Remember, you keep all of the rights to your song and we’ll pay you 100% of the royalties collected.


8. Push your track!

Submit your track to Spinnup & Universal Music A&R!

This is the most important part. Once your release has been confirmed (you’ll get an email from our team), login to your Spinnup account and click on “Submit Your Track to Spinnup + UMG A&Rs” on your Overview page and follow the steps to push your track. If you’ve already released music through Spinnup, you can choose any track to submit.

This will alert the teams at Spinnup and allow them to listen to your track.


9. Done!

After completing steps 1 through 8, you’ve successfully submitted your track for consideration!



We have so many incredible artists from SEA that we can’t guarantee every track submitted will get heard by A&Rs, be playlisted or featured on our socials, but we promise that we listen to every single submission that comes our way.


Now that you’ve submitted your track, check out our Spinnup For You Playlist to see some of the best songs submitted to Spinnup from Southeast Asia!