Promotion advice

As an artist, it’s important to understand how to market your music. How do you grab people’s attention and promote your act? Remember the music industry is a people industry, so get networking, learn to hustle! Here are some tips to make yourself heard above the noise…..

Your image and style of music will to a large extent define your audience, so be strategic, without restricting your options. Research and target the magazines, websites, radio shows and blogs that cover similar musical genres and find out the key contacts, with a view to creating a relationship and potentially recruiting them to your fanbase. Be professional and persistent, but don’t become a pest! Make the most of social media to connect with your fans and update your twitter and facebook accounts regularly with your latest news and any live performance dates. Make it easy for your fanbase to do some of the legwork, encourage them to link back to your posts and help you spread the word.

This might sound obvious, but when you’re performing remember to introduce yourself or the name of your band at the beginning, as well as the end of your set. That’s free promotion. If you’ve created a brand/logo, you might want to consider selling merchandise: the right products can offer something extra to your fans and can be great advertising for your b(r)and. However, don’t get carried away and over order, also keep an eye on quality control – your fans will blame you (not the manufacturer) for inferior goods. It’s also a good idea to have some business cards, or an equivalent ‘calling card’ such as promotional EPs (don’t forget to add all your contact details), for when you meet journalists, promoters, agents, scouts or anyone you might want to collaborate with in the future.

While you shouldn’t forget the importance of building a local fanbase, nowadays digital distribution offers you a platform to get your music heard far beyond your hometown, potentially reaching a global audience. Through Spinnup you’re able to supply your music to the leading digital stores such as Spotify, iTunes, Wimp, Google Play, Amazon and Rhapsody. It’s an easy and fantastic way to distribute your songs worldwide! Go for it and plan the next stages of your career as a musician!