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How to Get your Music Heard

The recording is done ✅ The mixes are in ✅ The master is amazing ✅ Now it’s time to prepare for your next release and you’re a little stuck on how to promote it. Luckily you needn’t look any further, here are 5 things that you can do to promote your next release (distributed by Spinnup of course 😉).

Make a lyric video and get your fans singing along

A lyric video can be a whole lot cheaper to make than an official video and the added benefit of including your lyrics, well, is there anything better than having your fans sing along with you to your latest track at a show? I think not 😎 Our friends over at Rotor Videos can make these amazing videos for you for an affordable fee.

Gifs are the gift that keeps on giving

Is there anything more flash than bringing the cover art of your next release to life and sharing a little sample on Instagram, Twitter and all the rest? It’s a great way to announce your next release as well as having your fans share it. You can even add it as your Facebook profile picture or adapt the image so that it works as a Facebook banner (it’s all the rage nowadays). Spinnup UK duo Indigo Palace recently did this with their latest release, you can check it out below.

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Exclusive, exclusive, exclusive

Have you ever considered inviting a bunch of your fans to an exclusive listen of your next release and then treating them to a live show? I bet you are now. Giving back to your fans and making them feel part of your musical journey is what they love so this is the perfect chance to do that whilst also creating some buzz for your upcoming release date. Inviting some bloggers and journalists wouldn’t go amiss too! ✍🏼

Utilise Facebook Live (Rhyme intended)

With a whole lot more engagement with Facebook Live videos as opposed to normal videos, it’s a noteworthy way of communicating with your fans, announcing your release or even performing a little acoustic number of your next release. You can even pre-empt the whole live event just so you know you’ll have some viewers tuning in! Utilising Facebook Live is also a great way to drive traffic to your Facebook page at a time where making your page visible becomes increasingly challenging. The Academic lads took a unique approach using Facebook Live…

And finally, select a release date…

It may seem a little obvious however how are you going to promote the release if you don’t know when it will be going live? Surprisingly, we see a whole lot of releases come through the Spinnup platform with no release dates set. Don’t be left in the dark, know exactly when your release will be going live on Spotify, Apple Music and the rest. 📅 On Spinnup you can select a release date 10 days in advance to guarantee your music goes live exactly when you want it and sync with your release plan (just not at the end of the year due to Christmas deadlines).

So go, go and play with some ideas and promote your next hit! We look forward to seeing the campaigns unfold. And remember, there’s no rulebook to follow.