The dreamy, atmospheric soundscapes combined with crisp yet expressive vocals, certainly make this new indie pop act a must to look out for this year. The music is a blend of electronic and live instruments creating a dark mood and seriousness in contrast to her clear, defined melody as the obvious attraction. KASSANDRA has just released her second single RUN through Spinnup.

After having spent three far from extravagant years in the vibrancy of London playing in all manors of venues, collaborating in smoky living rooms and spending weekends in writing sessions with various producers, she had come to a point where she felt creatively restricted and decided to return home to Stockholm, Sweden. “London is fun, exciting and so diverse. It had everything I needed but couldn’t offer me an acceptable living standard as a young artist working in the creative arts spectrum. All of that time I spent on music felt I was aiming in the wrong direction. I just didn’t find music fun anymore”.

Back in Stockholm she began to seek out the enjoyment from her craft. She decided to trust the vision she had always had and immersed herself in becoming the music producer she had always been searching for. “The aim was never and will never be to become a producer per se but you need to know the language to express the atmosphere you want to create from within and only you yourself can translate that”. The newfound trust in herself led to the most prolific period to date. She began working with friends and people she felt inspired by such as Evigt Mörker, Bella Boo and Julia Spada. She featured on UKG producer Dj Q´s debut album “Ineffable” and has also been working closely with Swedish club dj Dinamarca featuring on his debut EP “No hay break” with more collaborations planned for the near future. KASSANDRA is a skillful vocalist and years of trial and error have made her very stylistically aware and versatile. She has complete control of voice and her music is testament to the respect she has for the body of work her voice represents.

KASSANDRA graduated from Rytmus, Stockholm in 2006, where quite a few of today’s well known artists attended as her peers and band mates. Having always been in the company of experienced and inspirational people in and out of the industry, encouraging and helping her forward in her career it has always been a natural vision of hers to pursue a life through music. Her experience has given her a strong sense of what is right and wrong. “I have learnt that listening is a fundamental part of the creative process. I write solely to match how I am feeling. I listen to myself and my surroundings very closely and if I can capture that inspiration and translate it in a way that resonates with someone else, be it only my closest friends then I have succeeded. It doesn’t make my life easier being the kind of person who wants the world and everyone in it to be genuine in what they do”.

Her music is sincere story telling with nothing glossed over. “RUN” simultaneously hurts your soul yet gives you a sense of release, finding beauty within darkness. KASSANDRA constantly works to portray the balance between contrasts. She is in charge of the visual extensions that bind her attempt to put color and sound to her mood working alongside her producer Martin Eriksson who found her through Spinnup.

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