PR 101: Why Do I Need Press?

Congratulations, you read our blog post and it worked, you got press! We love it when you succeed. Give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy the uplifting comments on social media, and spend time answering all of those comments. Now, pause and think about how to use the press you have received to your advantage. It’s great to get the press but now what?


Some say the real work happens after you have persuaded someone to write about you. We have created a few points to help you in this next step.


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What you should do now you have press coverage


Does having press make a difference to my career?


Will anyone care about my press?


How do I get press?



What should I do now I have press coverage?


  1. Thank the journalist and tag them on all social posts. Being appreciative of what we receive opens us to receiving even more good stuff. It is so very important to take time to send an email to those that have written press for you, thanking them for their time and talent. Cultivate a relationship so that next time you have something to promote, they will be on board to help you again.


Top Tip: Ask the journalist or writer if you can help them with anything in return for their article. They will probably say ‘no thanks’ but you can send them tickets to your next show if you so wish. Something to show you are not all ‘take’.


  1. Save a copy of the articles. Save the URL and also screenshot/select all and copy everything for your files. You will need to evidence your press coverage when applying for events in the future. Or even visas! You want to move to LA? Make sure your press archive is well documented and in order – it will be the basis of your application. Why save screenshots instead of just the URL? Because things change online and the owner of a site can delete articles at any time. Rely on yourself to keep a copy of your press.


  1. Put snippets of articles in your EPK and next press release. Soon as you get some press, take a quote from it to place front and centre in your EPK (electronic press kit) and put a snippet under a press tab. Anyone who wants to book you will love seeing articles. It means that others are also impressed by you and gives an agent/manager/label a sense of trust in your product.


  1. Add the journalists to your press list. A press list has contacts of who you’d like to ask for press, and those that have already written for you. Next time you are looking for press, you can pitch to the journalists you want to connect with, and back to those who have already helped you out. These people are gold dust. If they like you they will be happy to write more articles. Use the press list for writers to send your next press release out to.




Does having press make a difference?


Press certainly helps in the credibility game. Imagine you’re in a shop looking at guitar leads and there are leading brands and then a couple of ones you have not heard of – and when you google them there are no articles about them either. Which one will you purchase? It’s the same thing when people google you. Are they more likely to book you for a show, or the band who has articles online? What we’re saying is, if you have competition (you will always have competition) then you must out work them. Press is one way of out working another. And, we’d like you to know, there is nothing wrong with not having press yet. Absolutely nothing wrong with that at all. Keep reading if you’d like to get some coverage – we have some knowledge on the matter and we love sharing with you.


Will anyone care about my press?


Yes. There are varying degrees of what people will read about you.


  1. Die hard fans – they read everything
  2. Friends – they skim things and give you support
  3. Agents/managers and other journalists will glance at your press. Why? They don’t need to know the details. They only want to see that you have press.


Let’s linger on point 3. Once you have press, use this as leverage to get more press and more bookings and meetings. Make sure your EPK showcases some articles, and have snippets on your website and social media. If people are going to glance at your press, make it excellent. Everyone notices when things aren’t done well even when they only glance at it. That’s what a glance is for – to check things out! Put in the work to present your press in an attention grabbing way.


How do I get press?


We do hear artists say that they would love some press and are not sure on where to start. It all seems convoluted and secretive. It’s not. This is about forming relationships and taking a chance on yourself. All that is really happening is you’re asking for others to write about you.

The great news (as we mentioned before) is we have made an article just for you. It’s called How to get press without a publicist’ and if you implement what’s in this article, we are confident you will be well on your way to getting your first press! Let us know once you do because we want to see what you’re up to! We also love to hear you, so swing by and say hello!