Pitch your track to Amazon Music Playlists

One of the most common questions we get asked by independent artists is: ‘How do I get playlisted?’. Amazon Music for Artists latest feature has the answer: a new music playlist pitching tool.

Here’s the full run down of how it works, as well as some tips on how to use this great new music promo feature to sky rocket your music career 🚀

How does it work? 

  • Create your release with Spinnup.
  • Once your release is live in the stores, head over to the Amazon Music for Artists app on your phone or desktop.
  • Select ‘New Releases’ and your latest release will automatically be visible.
  • Choose a track. To be eligible a track must be new (never released before) music and it must be no more than 14 days since it went live in stores.
  • Make your pitch. This involves answering up-to 7 questions about yourself, your track and your fanbase.
  • Review your answers, click submit and you’re DONE!

What questions will I have to answer in my pitch? 

Amazon asks three questions which you must answer…

• Tell us why new listeners will love this song and how you will promote it to fans.

• What’s the genre?

• Does your song include lyrics? (if the answer is yes you will also be asked to provide the language)

And four which you can choose to answer or not…

• Which artists would you name-drop when describing this track’s sound?

• Where is your biggest fanbase today?

• What is the song’s vibe?

• How would you categorise your track?

What happens once I submit my track? 

Whilst Amazon cannot guarantee that your track will land on a top playlist, the info given in your pitch will help them to push your track out to potential fans and listeners. Making it discoverable through genre-based browsing, Alexa hints and playlists.

Also, people who already follow you on Amazon Music will receive a mobile push notification and an Alexa alert, letting them know about your new release.

Top tips for pitching to Amazon Music playlists: 

• Answer all seven questions in as much detail as you can! The more information you can give Amazon’s playlist curators and its algorithm, the more capable it will be to push it to potential fans.

• Be organised with your release and don’t rush. You only have two weeks between your release going live and making your pitch. Build playlist promotion into your release plan and prepare your answers to the questions in advance of your release date.

• Don’t worry if your track doesn’t land on a top playlist to begin with, as we always say there are advantages to appearing on smaller playlists and Amazon’s algorithm will promote tracks from more niche playlists to more popular ones if they’re performing well.

It’s pretty simple stuff, but it could give you a huge boost in streams, especially if this is the first track you’ve ever dropped.

Head over to your Spinnup account now to create a new release and get ready to prepare your pitch in time for your release date.

And, remember, as a Spinnup artist you can also submit your track to be featured on our flagship Spotify playlist Spinnup Presents as well as get heard by Universal Music A&Rs via your artist account.