Introducing My Remorse!

We are pleased to announce our debut band, My Remorse, featuring lead singer Christian together with Björn, Jonatan, Marcus and Gustaf. The boys from Hassleholm, Sweden are now out with their incredible interpretation of the song Skyfall by Adele.

My Remorse started years ago as an experimental music project, influenced and inspired by bands such as Dream Theater and Dead By April. Christian explains that, while still a metal band, their sound has developed to combine pop and rock with progressive metal and electronic elements – you can even find hip hop beats in some of their productions. They believe in creating music that appeals to everyone, with strong melodies and harmonies like you hear on the radio, mixed with heavy breakdowns, interesting time signatures, dance music and orchestral strings.

In 2012 they released their full-length debut, a concept album which was produced entirely by the band itself, with a little help from their friends. They gained lots more experience, too, performing at various Swedish festivals and even participating in a TV show. My Remorse made a great start with their album but we’re sure we’ll hear some spicy new material soon!



Listen to their songs on their profile.

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The first standard challenge

Best listener/commentator

The standard challenge is yeah, pretty standard. The best listener and commentator gets awarded the trophy in the shape of a stylish badge to make your profile even more attractive! Remember, to have these badges on your profile makes you even more attractive for the artists. And have in mind that not only quantity but even more quality counts! So make sure you write something constructive when providing feedback.

Now, give those tracks a listen (and drop a line to the creator)!

This challenge runs until the end of the beta period.

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The first small challenge

Style your profile

The first small challenge is a pretty basic one – we call it the “style your profile” challenge. Complete your profile, and style it as much you can – the one with the smoothest one gets the gold! The winner is selected by the end of the month by a solid jury containing people from the Spinnup team. Good luck!

This challenge runs until the end of the beta period.

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Scout listener

The recruitment challenge

We at Spinnup are proud to present to you the first big challenge: the recruitment challenge!

Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like, the scout that recruits the most artists into Spinnup will win the challenge and take home the desirable prize. In order for us to be able to keep track of the amount of artists recruited by each scout, use your unique invite code that you’ve been given. To encourage creativity, we will also award the most creative campaign. So yeah, there are two prizes to this challenge!

Make sure to document the process and send it to our Scout Manager at

How will you do it? We don’t know, but get to it!

This challenge runs until the end of the beta period.

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