Best presentation video

It is finally time for the second big challenge in Spinnup history! This time we are focusing on your presentation videos. Make a great presentation video and win the desirable prize! We already have some very good ones on the site, that most definitely are competing for the number one spot. So try to make your even better!

Of course, it is completely up to you how you do it. But because we are so nice and friendly we provide you with some guidelines for inspiration (if you need it):

  1. Time frame: Your video should be maximum 1-1.30 minutes long, this is to keep it simple and informative.
  2. Setting: If possible, stand so you have a wall with bright color behind you. Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.
  3. Context: “Keep it Simple”
    – Name, age and where you come from.
    – Genres and qualities you’re looking for in an artist. Special skills as a scout (e.g. work experience).
    – Explain how you can help the artist by pointing out three sentences.
    – Finish of with your catch line. (Not necessary!)
  4. Have fun and don’t forget to bring your personality into the video!


Like we said, these are only guidelines and it is completely up to you how you do it. The winner will be selected by a jury from the Spinnup project team, and gets to sit down with one of the A&R’s of Universal Music Sweden, for some education and tips & tricks. So don’t miss out, now go make that video!

This challenge runs until the end of April.


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Guitar bw


Continuation of recruitment challenge

The second small challenge is a continuation of the first months’ big challenge – the recruitment challenge! The same rules as last time guys, the Scout that recruits the most artists via the personal invite link wins the awesome prize! The winner of this months’ small challenge wins some awesome merch to rock out with. Now go talk to those bands and artists, and recruit them to Spinnup!

This challenge runs until the end of April.

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A&R Talent Scouts mit eigener Musik erreichen


Best listener/commentator/Facebook challenge

The second standard challenge is basically the same as the first one: the most active listener and commentator wins the desirable badges that make your profile even more attractive. Same rules regarding comments as last months guys: do not just comment, but be constructive!

But, this month there’s also an addition to the standard challenge: the Facebook challenge! Pick one of your artist which you want to compete with. The one that acquires the most new likers will win the very stylish badge that will pimp up your profile. Naturally, you have to Scout an artist in order to be able to participate in this challenge, so if you’re not, make sure to do it! Send the artist you want to compete with to the Scout Manager ASAP. Now go get those likes!

This challenge runs until the end of April.

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Introducing Spinnup Scout Zoofie Ljung!

This rock chic did it her way; she is running one of the most followed music blogs about rock in Sweden and believes that music can save lives.

Zoofie originally comes from a small town called Ramsele, but has been living in Sundsvall for the last three years. With an education and various experiences in media focusing on graphic design, she truly has the right knowledge for marketing. Music has always been a big part of her life. As a youngster she used to stand at home by the speakers and head bang to Kiss which is one of her favorite bands. Another band that she worships is Takida, which she has followed since she was 13 and seen live 30 times!

She has tried plenty of times to play and create music herself – such as playing drums, guitar and piano – but due to lack of patience and wanting to do everything at once, she decided to put all focus on other artists and finding and developing them. Year 2010 she started a music blog which has grown to become one of the most read music blogs in Sweden – There she writes mostly about concerts and music that she believes in. Through her page, she has been writing for the Peace and Love festival, Sundsvall Road Party and giving her perspective on the Rockbjörnen venue.

She describes her music almost like an obsession – everyday she looks for new bands, artists and songs that have that little extra! Even though her genre is pure rock, she’s open for any kind of music that she simple could fall in love with. For Zoofie, music is the most important thing in this world. “Music can save lives”, she says with a big smile on her face. Zoofie is looking forward to great collaborations with artists and Spinnup is the perfect place to fulfill her biggest desires – discovering new music!

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Announcing the winners of month #1! You’ve all done a great job but the following Scouts did extra great:

Zoofie Ljung. With a total of three artists resulting in two releases, the recruiter of the month is spelled Z-O-O-F-I-E. Congratulations to you! Zoofie will be presented on the blog and in social media, and also wins awesome concert tickets for herself and a friend!

With a well written describing text, a cool presentation video and sweet profile pic, the winner of the first small challenge iiiiiiis….. Beatrice Granath! Beatrice wins some nice merch that she can rock out with. Isn’t that sweet?

Best listener: It’s a draw!  Three Scouts have been very active and listened frequently to the music on Spinnup: Niklas Hansson, Annie Turesson and Jonatan Södergren.

Best commentator: With a very active rate of commenting and constructive feedback, the winner of best commentator is John Strömberg!

Congratulations to you all! You will be awarded the stylish badges that will make your profiles even more attractive, and they will pop up there shortly!

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How to get a Spinnup Scout’s attention

Spinnup Scouts are always scouring the site for new talent to work with. But who are they and what exactly are they looking for?

Every one of our Scouts has been carefully chosen because of their background within music. The team includes people with degrees in music production, educations in music & event management, writers for various music magazines, former musicians, copywriters, music bloggers and employees of TV media channels and nightclubs across Europe. They’re all passionate about helping you with your music career and with their extensive experience and knowledge, they’re certainly up to the job!

Using their artist matching tool, which matches them to suitable artists within their preferred genres, they check out as many artist pages as they can squeeze in. They are looking for music that is new, fresh and effortlessly catchy. It doesn’t have to appeal to everyone but they want to see that you’re a dedicated artist making a statement by being yourself and believing in your music. So have your artist profile ready and give your releases cover art that fits and enhances your image. Take advantage of the other great features on your profile page too, such as linking to all of your social media accounts or adding a video of yourself – it could be a presentation or perhaps a peek at one of your live performances!

Each month, you’ll be given three “pushes” that you can use to push your music to the Scouts you are suited to. So do your research – read about them, get to know them and find the right ingredients to get scouted – push to the right scout and get useful feedback to help your music career. And if you get scouted, they’ll help you with marketing, promotion and more!

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Work On Your Fanbase

We all know how important it is to have a fanbase, especially when it comes to spreading your name and music to a wider audience. If you’re worried about where to start and how long it’s going to take, don’t be: with dedication and the right mindset, building a fanbase is easier than you think.

Why not start by narrowing things down – what kind of music do you make? What kind of crowd are you aiming for? Where will you find them? Make use of all the social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to hype your songs and get them heard, post your latest news and promote upcoming events. It’s important to have a good artist presentation too, where you can tell people about yourself and your music (without revealing too much), and Spinnup is the perfect place for that!

Having your friends and family supporting you is a great start. It might not be thousands of people, but that doesn’t matter right now – it’s a solid foundation to build on. So invite your friends to listen to your music; if they like it they can then share it on their pages so all their friends will hear about you too. Search the web for music competitions and showcases at bars and festivals, especially over the summer, when the cities are bursting with music events. Plan ahead and be prepared by drawing up a list of gigs where potential fans will be.

So there are just a few pointers that we hope will help, inspire and motivate you to start building your fanbase. You don’t have to do it all at once – just start from somewhere. Good luck!

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Meet Anna Wihlke!

We proudly present our debut artist, Anna Wihlke, a talented aspiring pop/rock singer and songwriter. With years of experience and stories to be told, this Swedish girl based in London is ready to get things started.

She is recognized by her catchy choruses, sincere lyrics and refreshingly raw take on pop. Her unique vocals have been compared to iconic artists such as Tori Amos, Dolores O’Riordan and Gwen Stefani. Coming across as a stubborn Lolita, Anna’s lyrics reflect on the meaning of commitment and explore the fine lines between devotion, abuse, love and obsession. She describes her writing as a way of communicating what’s hard to explain face to face. In every song dialogues can be traced, inviting the listener to witness private scenarios over cinematic soundtracks.

Although Anna started writing and recording her own songs at the age of seven and has a background in classical music as well as a degree in rhetoric, she still considers herself to be an underdog. But now she’s ready to change all that, with three songs, ‘Only Rational Thing’, ‘Lap Girl’, and ‘List Of You’, recorded and mixed over three days in her home studio and written exclusively for Spinnup – “I like my roast rare,” she grins.

Photographer: Michel Widenius

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