Disney’s next talent: Linnéa Källström!

The search for the Sweden’s next Disney Violetta is officially over! Our spinnup artist Linnéa Källström, discovered by our scout Oscar Larsson is singing the theme song for Disney’s new show Violetta, that has already been a total success in several countries. It will be lanched this fall in Sweden, where Linnea joins previous Disney names such as Eric Saade, Ola Svensson, Robin Stjernberg and more. This girl is destined to become a superstar!

Check out Linnea:

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Ulrika Uma: Ready for the spotlight

Ulrika Uma’s debut EP “Do It” is out now and proudly distributed by Spinnup. The bubbly singer-songwriter is ready to entertain listeners with a collection of self-penned, catchy pop tunes.

Hailing from Stockholm, Ulrika has been based in London for the last four years, where she’s been earning her stripes as a backing singer for several renowned artists and has gained a wealth of experience, both as a vocalist and a performer. Projects have covered the spectrum of neo-soul and jazz, right through to funk and rock, reflecting Ulrika’s versatile style.

But it’s pop that really makes the singer tick, and she puts her love of “catchy melodies” down to her mother’s fitness fanaticism and the resultant exposure to “90s dance tunes in the living room” when she was growing up. Produced by Jury Dominguez, the EP is a mixture of electro pop, r&b and dance genres, and it’s her ‘calling card’ to meet new writers and producers for future collaborations.

“The lyrics throughout ‘Do It’ are rich with life experience, tales of love, loss and fun times,” explains the artist.

Believing that hard work pays off in the end, Ulrika has big ambitions: “The best part is being on stage and performing…..and my goal is to be touring the world….and living the dream.” Join her as she begins her journey and steps into the spotlight. The debut release EP is now available in all major stores!

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My Way Out West – Scout Annie Turesson

I arrived at the festival with the biggest smile on my face. With my best friends, in a massive rain we finally made it with our road trip to Gothenburg. After seeing the first act Crystal Fighters, we started to dance immediately and then I knew that it would be the best weekend of this summer.

Another big moment for me who performed on stage that Thursday was Alabama Shakes, Tame Impala and when I got to hear one of my favorite remixes: Cyril Hahn’s ”Say my name” (Destiny’s Child) that played at Stay Out West, RBMA @ Clarion Post. True euphoria for me!

Then Friday arrived, thinking back when me and my friends were walking in the sun into the festival area to see Amason. The best group of musician’s and friends I’ve seen in a long time. I was lying in the grass and just enjoyed that perfect moment as the sun smiled at us.

Then me and my friends decided to skip the oldie but goldie Rodriguez and went to the Linné stage to see the rap queen Angel Haze. WHAT A WOMAN. She can rap, just sayin’! Later on we saw HAIM on the same stage. Those girls IS rock n’ roll. I got so impressed and they truly knew how to charm us swedes, telling us how beautiful our country is. And that’s always nice to hear..

To Håkan Hellström we ate, drank wine and hugged each other. The audience was so happy, seeing it so clearly in everyone’s eyes. One of the best concerts at the whole festival began on the Azalea stage – Miguel. I know almost all the lyrics so I sang and danced like a crazy person. After that we skipped The Knife. Maybe a bad decision, but GBG Film Studios were waiting for us – Kate Boy and Lorentz & Sakarias which was one of the funniest concerts I´ve seen!

Saturday, came so sudden and we felt sadness. But we decided that it was going to be the best day ever. Phosphorescent played in the craziest rainfall where we saw the concert through our poncho’s. It kept raining but we didn´t care. We saw Dungen at the Flamingo stage. Great band. Funny guys who are down to earth, in the best way.

Public Enemy, Goat and Cat Power were up next. We ran between the different stages to get a glimt of them all. Then James Blake played at the biggest stage, Flamingo. He took my heart and stamped on it. It felt just like that, in a good way. He did the most powerful concert. I just closed my eyes and loved it all.

After the Kendrick concert we ran to the bus that was going to take us to GBG Film Studios. There was INGRID, the best collective in the whole wide world. INGRID Disco it sure was. All of the great musician’s in the collective and more where up on stage. Lykke Li, Miike Snow, Peter Bjorn & John, Amason, Markus Krunegård, Tussilago, Andrew Wyatt.. And I danced and danced and danced..

It was the best ending. The best. Thank you Way Out West 2013. See you next summer and next and next…

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Happy to announce that our scouted Spinnup artists Zackarias and F!l!p
are the winners of the Comhem goes Spinnup competition! On the 24th of August, they will perform live as opening acts for Zara Larsson at Kungens Kurva/Stockholm.

See you there!

Read more info about the event here

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KWAAI and Trappmusik: WOW experience!

I think that everyone who went to the Way Out West festival can all agree that it was a weekend to remember! With a multi line up including artists such as Graveyard, Håkan Hällström, Daniel Adams-Ray, Beach House, Angelhaze, Miguel, Kendrick Lamar, Alicia Keys.

What made this weekend just more perfect, was the experience of watching our Spinnup artists KWAAI and Trappmusik performing live! Both of them played on the last night which you could see as waiting for the best ones for last – Trappmusik at Scandic Rubinen and KWAAI at Lisebergs dock.

You might have stumbled upon Trappmusik’s latest album “Livet Leker” where it defines the slow hiphop sound that gives you the feeling of just chilling. The whole atmosphere during Tub von Trapp, Trappadon and Banken’s performance with atmospheric beats where they invited us to a crazy show! We could really see how much they enjoyed it as well. It surely wasn’t difficult to tag along the lyrics about how to take it to the next level and their different aspects of going out in space.

KWAAI was a whole other show, that is right now touring around Sweden promoting their full lengthed album “Worldwide”. We could just see the important elements that has made the album so unique with numbers of great artists from South Africa. I think I’ve never seen that many artists on stage before: Mofeta, Adam Tensta, Cleo, Dirty Jens, Chords, Driemanskap, Rantobokgo, Mic Substance, Syster Sol and many more. Throughout the whole show, they kept both high quality and energy on top! Having the story as the world’s biggest exchange between Swedish and South African urban hiphop, just made the crowd screaming even for more.

We are so proud to have been a part of their moments and it just provens how much great artists we have on Spinnup.

Check reviews about them here:
Trappmusik: LINK

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Getting featured on digital services

So Spinnup gets your music onto all the key digital stores but how can you secure “prime shelf space” in today’s online equivalents of the record shop? Here are some tips on how to improve your chances of getting noticed and featured on the sites of digital retailers.

Starting with the basics: have you been scouted yet on Spinnup? Did you know that you can ‘push’ your music to a Spinnup scout up to 3 times a month once it’s released? If you’ve got a new release coming up and a story to tell, then let your scout know or contact the Spinnup team directly about writing about your act in an upcoming feature. Plan ahead and give yourself enough lead-time before the actual release date (3 weeks or so) to promote your recording. Some sites, including streaming service WiMP, source their artist bios from, so make sure you have an active account – it’s free! – with’s Music Manager feature to create an up-to-date artist page and make the most of the site’s many social features and scrobbling statistics. (We’ll take it as read that you’ve recorded an awesome EP/album, the release information is spelt correctly and the cover art has been uploaded in the right format!)

Conquering the blogosphere. Hype Machine ( is a site, which indexes and aggregates the results of influential music blogs worldwide (currently 857 “kickass” music blogs) in the name of new music discovery. They provide some practical advice on how to target blog sites that are likely to feature your music, and we all know that third party recommendations carry more weight. “Search for some bands that are similar to your band on the Hype Machine, then click through to the blogs that are writing about them. Bloggers really appreciate when you look into their taste first and send them something they will actually enjoy,” the site advises, and the blogs are also helpfully categorised by country and genre.

Familiarising yourself with the feature opportunities provided by each service is a plus. The iTunes store has its “New & Noteworthy” releases or “Best of 2013 so Far” under certain music genres and also has a much coveted free “Single of the Week” download feature. However, as their website clearly spells out: “Editorial placement is solely at the discretion of the iTunes editorial staff and is not guaranteed.” Streaming service WiMP has local editorial teams in each of the countries where the service is currently available (Sweden, Norway, Germany, Denmark and Poland), offering daily recommendations so they need a constant feed of new music to write about. Amazon’s site rates music according to user reviews, so encourage your fan base to review your releases and give their (preferably 5) star ratings! While not a feature opportunity as such, Spotify’s integration with Facebook makes it easy to share your music via a comment or status update. This, alongside other social features such as fans becoming ‘followers’, helps your fans promote your music.

Finally, bear in mind that the music industry is, and always has been, a people industry, and personal relationships remain as important as ever. One experienced artist manager makes the following observation: “The best way to influence the likes of iTunes et al is by building a positive business relationship with an established and powerful aggregator.” These days that aggregator can be a traditional label or distributor, or one of their online equivalents, who will have the personal contacts and can lobby on your behalf.

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Com Hem goes Spinnup!
Together with Com Hem we now have a competition up and running where some of our scouted artists have the opportunity to perform as an opening act for Zara Larsson! Make your choice through this link:

Get to know the artists

Film Death
Georgian Waters
Sarah Ariete

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The Spinnup-event: a success!

Thursday’s event is truly a day we won’t forget! We want to give a big thanks once again to those who made it possible which are the Hudikkalaset-team and our spinnup artists!

With great music from all types of genres – Flo., DAPZ, Great Until You, Zackarias, Georgian Waters, The Amplified Mojos, Hängslena Brinner and My Remorse set the bar very high with their performances!

The Amplified Mojos – the local winners of the Hudikkalaset’s competition delivered a spectaculaur show where their fans was screaming for more. Hope to see the blues band soon on Spinnup!

/Team Spinnup

(Photo: Georgian Waters)

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