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5 Good Habits Every New Artist Should Get Into

As with success in any field, developing good habits is key to making it as far as you would like to go. Get into a good daily routine and you are half way there. Here are some things that, as a musician, you should try to establish as habits.

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5 really annoying things unsigned artists shouldn’t do

As you’re serious about this music thing, about making it as a recording artist, here at Spinnup we want to help. It’s not easy being a successful musician and so the last thing we want to see you disadvantaged by easily avoidable mistake.

Through the team here at Spinnup, our amazing scouts and our friends at Universal Music we’ve seen and been on the receiving end of a lot of things done by unsigned artists that not only don’t work but can actually set you back. So we strongly advise against any of the following… Read more

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Introducing: Erik Ljungqvist

This week we introduce to you – Erik Ljungqvist!

How old are you and where are you originally from?
I’m 24 years old and I’m from Norrköping but live in Stockholm.

When did you start with music?
I started playing the violin when I was 5 years old, then I slowly added one instrument at a time, piano, guitar, drums and last but not least, I started singing. Since I was 13 I’ve been playing in bands and writing songs. Today I almost exclusively play on my own, which I’m comfortable with right now.

Where do you find your inspiration?
Mostly in other people’s music. It’s very important for me to listen and get inspired because that’s how I get my ideas. I don’t necessarily copy the exact style of music from my favorite artist at that particular moment, it’s more about the feeling and state of mind that the music gives me. When it comes to lyrics I always write about something that is related to me. I can exaggerate stuff, but not make it up.

What did the process look like for your release “Give me time” – how long did you work on it and what inspired this EP?
I had been working on another solo project for a while, which was a lot more synth and midi oriented than “Give me time”. I felt an urge to go back to my roots, which is more calm and guitar based. My aim was to make an album with only guitar and vocals, but the more I worked on it the more I realized how I actually wanted it to sound. I haven’t been very focused on things like what instruments to use or what will fit in and not. It’s been more about writing songs that sound like me.

My girlfriend lives in London so that has also been a big source of inspiration. You have a lot of time to think when you travel as much as I’ve done in the last year.

It took me about a year to finish the EP. That might sound like a long time but I’ve done everything myself, from writing the songs to producing them to mastering. So that’s my official excuse.

How has the response to your music been?
It’s been really good! I didn’t put that much effort into promoting and stuff but people seem to like it. Even my Mum seems to genuinely like it and she is always really honest with me. I’ve also got comments from strangers on Facebook, which is really flattering and also makes me feel a bit too good about myself.

Generally I don’t think people understand how happy it makes me that they listen to my songs. I really can’t think of a better feeling.

Have you had any gigs lately?
I’ve only had one gig, a couple of months ago. It was amazing but unfortunately I haven’t had time to plan anything else because I work and study.

What’s next?
I’ll definitely try to play live this spring and summer. I really need to arrange some kind of late release party.
Hopefully I’ll get motivated to write new songs soon as well. Right now I’m just going to enjoy my first release!

Listen to Erik’s release Give Me Time and make sure to visit his Facebook!

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Emergenza Sweden Festival 2014! Sign up now!

Spinnup knows how important it is for new acts to get exposure and get seen. The more people you gig in front of, means more potential fans. I’ve never been a fan of somebody I’ve never seen or heard. Science!

With Emergenza, one of Sweden’s leading platforms for undiscovered bands, you’ll get the opportunity to perform at the country’s top clubs and to play at various venues and festivals abroad.

For only 500 kr, you have the opportunity to be a part of the big festival! Go ahead and sign up at

For more information go to Emergenza Festival.

Any questions? General wonderings? Give us an email

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5 artists who didn’t take ‘No’ for an answer

You’re ambitious, you know your music is amazing and going to change the world. Unfortunately not everyone you meet might share that view and may in fact decline to help turn you into a global superstar.

But fear not, everyone hears an unmistakeable ‘No’ along the way at some point. Just look at these now super famous artists who felt the cold hand of rejection only to emerge much better off later:

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Introducing: I Don’t Speak French

I Don’t Speak French started as the artistic outlet of a young producer from the south of Sweden but with addition of friends and musicians it quickly grew into a creative community. We see each other as one big family, we are all friends and always have a great time together. It doesn’t matter if it’s inside the rehearsal space, in the studio or just hanging out having a beer”.

“Plastic people made out of rubber and glue.”

The bands lyrics often center around worldly subjects and questions, although the music doesn’t always necessarily sound as serious as the lyrics sometimes are. “We put a great deal of effort into the lyrics actually meaning something and having a connection to a real life. It can be something that pisses us off about the world, or just something in our ordinary lives that is fun or hard to deal with”.

The band is not afraid of experimenting with new sounds and take inspiration from a multitude of areas, though this makes the music a bit harder to describe. “I guess it’s mostly my fault since I’m so restless and always looking for new ideas and sounds. I just don’t want us to be one of those bands where all the songs on the album sounds the same. I want the listener to go through a journey, with lots of ups and downs”.

The past year the band have been busy recording their debut album and have so far released two singles, one with the help of the record label 100 Songs, and one through their own label. They are planing on releasing their debut album early next year.“For the time being, we are just focusing on getting the album mastered, the artwork set and making sure the album gets out as soon as possible. Then we can start working on the next one, haha”.

Make sure you listen to their latest single “Let It Go” and watch the video to “We Are The People“.

Visit their Facebook here.

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5 ways to lose fans quickly

To be a successful artist, you need fans. Fans support you, watch you play live, buy your stuff. Without them, you are just another person with dreams.

And fans need to be looked after with extreme care and consideration. Even if you’re only at the stage of being on first name terms with your still limited circle of fans, you need to take care of them and never take them for granted. It only takes one or two stupid things and you can lose them forever. So don’t do things like this: Read more

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5 scams bad people try to pull on unsigned artists that you must avoid

Spinnup is here to distribute your songs all over the world and together with our Scouts help you promote your music, develop your career and hopefully get you discovered.

Unfortunately there are people out there who, for reasons that range from massive greed to pure scumbaggery, see ambitious unsigned artists as something to be exploited and ripped off. These people are evil and you shouldn’t ever have anything to do with them. So here are a few tips on what to look out for and avoid.

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