Best listener/commentator/Facebook challenge

Okay guys, you know the drill of the standard challenges by now, but here is a reminder:

The most active listener and commentator wins the desirable badges that make your profile even more attractive. And as usual: do not just comment, but be constructive!

Facebook challengePick one of your artist which you want to compete with. The one that acquires the most new likers will win the very stylish badge that will pimp up your profile. Naturally, you have to Scout an artist in order to be able to participate in this challenge, so if you’re not, make sure to do it! Send the artist you want to compete with to the Scout Manager ASAP. Now go get those likes!

This challenge runs until the end of May.

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Jessica Folcker: “It’s all about you”

Last month, we announced Jessica Folcker’s comeback with the uptempo single “Who am I”, which signaled a confident return for the pop singer. Now, just four weeks later via Spinnup, she’s releasing her follow-up single “It’s all about you” – a catchy summer pop tune with reggae influences, featuring the rapper Cleo, aka Nathalie Missaoui.

Jessica believes now is the right time for her comeback, as the music industry becomes more accessible. While her focus shifted for a while to raising a large family, she always kept her passion for music alive. “Now that my children are grown up, I feel I’ve got the necessary time and energy to dedicate to being an artist. Also these days I’m more confident about taking the right decisions and deciding what I want,” commented Jessica on the timing of her return.

The singer recently appeared on TV4 morning news in Sweden, giving an exclusive performance of her new release “It’s all about you” and previous single “Who am I”. She is thrilled to be reconnecting with her fan base and to be back on the road with her live band, as well as making her music available to those fans who’ve missed her singing. We have no doubt that her upcoming EP will be a great success!

Jessica Folcker’s new single “It’s all about you”, written by Moh Denebi and Björn Djupström, and produced by Moh Denebi, is proudly distributed through Spinnup and available on all major digital stores.

Listen to her song “It’s all about you” here.

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What makes a great biography

Whether you’re looking for airplay, gigs or reviews – ideally your biog covers all bases. So where do you start, what do you include and how do you make yourself stand out from the crowd? Here’s some useful guidance…

Try putting yourself in the shoes of the person reading your biog and think about what’s likely to create a favourable impression. Your biog needs to be informative (provides all the information they need so they don’t waste time researching basic facts); interesting (what’s going to grab their attention in the opening paragraph and keep them reading); and concise (won’t take too long to read because they’ve got a pile of other work to do.)

While the style of writing and presentation is a personal choice, you should aim to answer the following questions: who (band members), what (instruments/music), how, when and where (background information, keep it succinct and relevant). Your Spinnup profile will help you provide all the necessary information with a handy template including a general introduction, as well as sections to list your influences, describe your music genre(s) and name the band members and instruments. Do name drop if you’ve worked with an established figure in the music industry, or played support for other up-and-coming bands, and include any good reviews. Don’t make it up!

Do your research, look at other band biogs, get inspired by them and think about what you enjoy reading as a music fan. Do you have friends who are budding journalists or writers? Get them to interview you and write a feature on your band, tell a story, include quotes and interesting anecdotes. You also need to think about photos to accompany your biog, so tap into your network of friends, see if there are any talented photographers or designers who can help out. On a practical note, include portrait and landscape versions and make sure the file size is big enough to produce decent print quality.

Save the reader’s time. Entertain them. Develop your own style. And finally, remember to keep your biog up-to-date with news of any upcoming releases or performances. Good luck with your biography!

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NEXT UP: Noras Falcon

Elin Rosenberg, the Stockholm based singer songwriter and producer is now out with her debut single “Sing it out loud” through Spinnup. “My music is like an airy landscape that is characterized in the genres of pop/indie-pop,” she says.

Being influenced by big artists such as childhood idol Michael Jackson, Tori Amos and Björk, music has always been a big part of her life. Taking her own initiative at the tender age of 10, she started a girl group with her close friends. With the support from a dedicated teacher, they wrote, arranged and performed songs at several concerts in her hometown Örebro for 6 years.

Noras Falcon fell in love with music and has ever since gained great experiences through her degree in music production, which included songwriting and different elements of mix engineering. She originally went by the name Idée Fixe – characterized by a playful period of her life, where she experimented with different types of genres. By creating music and really getting into the depth of her productions, she later concocted her artist name Noras Falcon, after creating her unique sound.

-“My inspiration comes from observations and experiences. I want the audience to feel something and be touched emotionally,” she describes.

Noras Falcon is behind most of the production and is very excited to show the world her upcoming EP. Her debut single “Sing it out loud” is now out and distributed by Spinnup. The unique and enchanting sound will put a spell on you!

Listen to her song “Sing it out loud” here.

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Comeback: Christoffer Hiding!

Known as the soulful singer from the Swedish Idols, he is back with the new single “Shine On” from the upcoming album: Yes, Higher! – “I couldn’t have done this without my fans”, he says – The song is now available and distributed by Spinnup.

Being top 6 in the Sweden Idols year 2007, Christoffer got famous over night and everyone loved his interpretation of Nelly Furtado’s “Say it Right”. Even though the future for success was right in front of him, he chose to travel around Sweden to record his own music. With soulful depth he has a magical way of expressing emotions through his songs. He realized the desire for performing live after participating in Melodifestivalen 2011 where he was singing along Swingfly “Me and my drum”.

He explains that his upcoming album is very special to him. Christoffer wouldn’t have been able to create it, if it wasn’t for his faithful fans giving donations voluntarily trough a fundraiser that he started in 2012. Overwhelmed by the response, with lots of excitement he started recording and writing new material – “I am truly grateful for the support they’ve given and hope that they will like what they hear”, he says.

Today Christoffer is more than ready to continue his music career and thrilled about sharing the upcoming album: Yes, Higher! The first single “Shine on”, is an organic and playful soul song that underlines how not to get stuck in bitterness but being able to forgive and looking forward. You will get uplifted! Distributed by Spinnup, it’s now available in all major digital stores.

Listen to his single “Shine On” here.

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Preparing for touring


Practise, practise, practise. Run through the songs (on your own if you’re a solo artist or with your band) so that you’re confident about your performance. Think about how you want to present yourselves and how you wish to connect with your audience. This is very much a personal thing, so figure out how you might want to link your set list with a few phrases and, most importantly, remember where you are – it generally doesn’t go down too well greeting your audience with “Hello Hamburg!” when you’re actually in Cologne.

Check your equipment. Make sure that all your gear is in good working order before you set off on the road. Rather play it safe and bring too much equipment and also pack any spare cables or microphones in case of last minute breakages. And don’t forget your merchandise as this can be an important revenue stream, as well as a memento for your fans.

There’s no such thing as the ‘wrong weather’ just the ‘wrong clothing’ so take a range of clothes to cover all eventualities. It’s also a good idea to pack some healthy snacks, plus it’s a good way of saving money – most festivals take place miles from the nearest supermarket. Try to get enough sleep, drink plenty of water and keep yourself as healthy as possible. You want to avoid disappointing your fans by giving a poor performance or, worse still, having to cancel any dates from self-induced sickness.

A final piece of advice, have fun! Being on tour can be such a great experience. You might have to forgo a few home comforts, but you’ll have some memories to last you a lifetime.

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Jessica Folcker is finally back!

Her new single “Who am I”, distributed through Spinnup, is a dance hit with fierce beats and fantastic rhythm. It’s been a couple of years since we last heard her raspy unique tone – “The world has been missing my voice”, she says.

With a great success in the end of the 90’s, we surely remember her big hits such as “Tell me what you like” and “How will I know (who you are)”. Working closely with the Cheiron-producers Max Martin and Denniz Pop, Jessica took both Sweden and many other international countries by storm.

Looking back at her career, even though Jessica was touring diligently, life wasn’t always on top. Denniz Pop, not only her producer but also a very close friend passed away right before her first album was released. It caused a lot of sorrow into her life but she kept on going strong with promoting her album and touring around Europe. She recorded some other albums but they weren’t as successful as the earlier big hits and first album.

Jessica explains how important it is as an artist to have time for music – it requires a whole different presence and she felt she hadn’t had time for it. Having a big family, the focus shifted more on them these past years but she always kept music in her life. Now when her children have grown up, she can once again go wholeheartedly to do what she does best – creating music.

Also, today she feels more confident, making the right decisions and is determined of what she wants – “I want to continue building the basis I once had, because I love my job and I love music.”

Jessica Folcker’s latest song “Who am I” is a collaboration with big producer Moh Denebi and featured by Dr. Alban. The single, proudly distributed by Spinnup, has been Wimp exclusive but is now available on the other major digital stores.

Listen to her single “Who am I” here profile.

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Best presentation video

It is finally time for the second big challenge in Spinnup history! This time we are focusing on your presentation videos. Make a great presentation video and win the desirable prize! We already have some very good ones on the site, that most definitely are competing for the number one spot. So try to make your even better!

Of course, it is completely up to you how you do it. But because we are so nice and friendly we provide you with some guidelines for inspiration (if you need it):

  1. Time frame: Your video should be maximum 1-1.30 minutes long, this is to keep it simple and informative.
  2. Setting: If possible, stand so you have a wall with bright color behind you. Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.
  3. Context: “Keep it Simple”
    – Name, age and where you come from.
    – Genres and qualities you’re looking for in an artist. Special skills as a scout (e.g. work experience).
    – Explain how you can help the artist by pointing out three sentences.
    – Finish of with your catch line. (Not necessary!)
  4. Have fun and don’t forget to bring your personality into the video!


Like we said, these are only guidelines and it is completely up to you how you do it. The winner will be selected by a jury from the Spinnup project team, and gets to sit down with one of the A&R’s of Universal Music Sweden, for some education and tips & tricks. So don’t miss out, now go make that video!

This challenge runs until the end of April.


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Guitar bw


Continuation of recruitment challenge

The second small challenge is a continuation of the first months’ big challenge – the recruitment challenge! The same rules as last time guys, the Scout that recruits the most artists via the personal invite link wins the awesome prize! The winner of this months’ small challenge wins some awesome merch to rock out with. Now go talk to those bands and artists, and recruit them to Spinnup!

This challenge runs until the end of April.

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A&R Talent Scouts mit eigener Musik erreichen


Best listener/commentator/Facebook challenge

The second standard challenge is basically the same as the first one: the most active listener and commentator wins the desirable badges that make your profile even more attractive. Same rules regarding comments as last months guys: do not just comment, but be constructive!

But, this month there’s also an addition to the standard challenge: the Facebook challenge! Pick one of your artist which you want to compete with. The one that acquires the most new likers will win the very stylish badge that will pimp up your profile. Naturally, you have to Scout an artist in order to be able to participate in this challenge, so if you’re not, make sure to do it! Send the artist you want to compete with to the Scout Manager ASAP. Now go get those likes!

This challenge runs until the end of April.

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