5 scams bad people try to pull on unsigned artists that you must avoid

Spinnup is here to distribute your songs all over the world and together with our Scouts help you promote your music, develop your career and hopefully get you discovered.

Unfortunately there are people out there who, for reasons that range from massive greed to pure scumbaggery, see ambitious unsigned artists as something to be exploited and ripped off. These people are evil and you shouldn’t ever have anything to do with them. So here are a few tips on what to look out for and avoid.

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Sad, Vibrant and the Power

This week we introduce: Sad, Vibrant and the Power who recently released the single Dangerous. Simon Andersson tells us more about it:

When did you start to make music and how did it start?
I’ve been playing drums with different people/bands practically since I was a child. And I still do. I moved to Stockholm in 2008 from my hometown Örebro where I lived in a house with a basement. After a while in Stockholm things tended to get a bit boring because I couldn’t play my drum kit in my home any more. I couldn’t play anything else at all really. So I got some music software and started drawing out notes instead. And later on, I bought a couple of synthesizers. Also I’ve always been singing in one way or another so the whole thing evolved quite naturally. I kept going and suddenly I had a couple of tracks ready.

I released my first EP “Got To Run” earlier this year. Also I asked a couple of friends to join me in trying to do some live gigs together. And luckily it worked out really good.

Where do you find inspiration to your music?
Well, I guess love, nature, life, sadness, happiness makes it happen… But many times I can write a song out of a new sound I find on my or someone elses synthesizer. And since I’m a drummer I like beats, they tend to stick to my mind in some way. It could be something I’ve heard that has just been evolved in my subconsciousness during some time. Or it may just be completely stolen, sometimes i don’t know, haha.

I’m not really keeping track of all the latest music but when I find something I like, I can listen to that specific song for weeks. And nothing else. And a great song is always good inspiration to me.

What was the process like when you were working on your single Dangerous?
Dangerous is actually one of my very first songs. So the process was maybe not typical for how I work now. But I guess it started with a beat as usual. Since I finished the song, I re-produced it a number of times before I got to this version. It’s difficult but good to start over.

Then I also let my friend Staffan mix it for a change (usually I do almost everything on my own: Recording, producing and mixing). But this turned out to be a good medicine for this track. I’m a bit reluctant to let other people in to work with my music. Even though it’s very likely things get improved when you do, I’ve discovered.

How do you feel the overall response has been like?
So far it’s been good but quiet. A lot of good words from friends, even though they might be a little too kind some times. I haven’t really put my best effort into spreading it all over yet so we’ll see what happens. I’am sure hoping for some more attention.

Have you had any gigs lately? How was it?
We did a few gigs this spring. Our last one was at Debaser Medis in Stockholm. That was truly awesome.

What happens next?
I feel really inspired so I try to write new stuff as often as I can. The next big thing will be to release a new EP in late spring 2014.

I focus on getting some more gigs, and trying to find a booking agency or person to help me out with that. We’re playing at Landet, Telefonplan on 8th of February. So come and see us then!
Meanwhile check us out on these places:

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A&R Talent Scouts mit eigener Musik erreichen

Urbanears now offers Spinnup artists a 25% discount!

Urbanears, founded in 2009 is a “collective out of Scandinavia, motivated by a common interest in global relationships and shared involvement in the relevance of the living brand.”

Urbanears has a very distinct line of headphones that attracts music lovers from all over the world. They have several variations of headphones – different types of in-ear and on-ear headphones, so you can find the right kind for you!

All Spinnup artists are now entitled to a 25% discount when buying a pair of Urbanears! After you’ve chosen which type of headphones you’d like to purchase, you enter the code where it says “Add gift voucher” and you’re all set. You can find your voucher code under “Offers.”

Enjoy your great, new set of Urbanears!

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5 things Lady Gaga did that every new artist should learn from

As the unique and inimitable Lady Gaga storms to the top of the charts with her new album ‘Artpop’ here at Spinnup we’re always on the look out for inspiration and experience from successful artists.

Spinnup will get your music online all around the world which is an essential requirement for all ambitious musicians, but what can you as an unsigned artist learn from the example of the good Lady Gaga in terms of building a winning musical career? Here are a few we’ve come up with.

1. Be a really good musician
As well as being a highly accomplished performer and songwriter, style icon and all the rest, Lady Gaga is first and foremost an extremely talented musician. She’s been playing piano and singing pretty much her entire life. Every artist needs a good haircut and the right clothes but musical chops always come first. And once you have that, the next thing you need is to be an amazing performer…

2. Gaining experience of performing is more important than where you perform
One day when you’re mega famous and successful and headlining your own world tour you’ll be playing in world famous venues like Madison Square Garden, Wembley, the O2. But before you get there you need to build up the experience. And pretty much any experience of performing in front of real people (ie strangers) is worth it. Lady Gaga performed in all sorts of tiny bars and venues when nobody apart from her knew she was going to become Lady Gaga.

3. Take amazing care of your fans
One thing we know about Lady Gaga is that she loves her fans. Really loves her fans. Her ‘Little Monsters’ are such an integral part of who Lady Gaga is that she constantly engages with them on social media, phones them up and brings them on stage during her gigs, and defends them to the hilt. Every top artist knows how much they owe their fans for their success, but Lady Gaga has taken showing that appreciation to a whole different level.

4. Experiment musically
Every successful musician has their own identifiable sound – that’s what makes them, well, identifiable. We all know what Lady Gaga sounds like, even when she tries new ideas and directions. There’s always that essential Lady Gaga-ness about her music. But she isn’t afraid to try lots of really different ideas and directions with other artists as well – jazz with Tony Bennett, guesting with the Rolling Stones on ‘Gimme Shelter’ or dueting with Elton John at the Grammys. She’s still every bit Lady Gaga but she’s taking the opportunity to sound somewhat different to how she does on record.

5. Find and control your look
We’re not even remotely worthy to say anything about the magnificence that is Lady Gaga’s style and look – can you think of anyone who is so endlessly inventive and striking in her choice of outfits and image? Whether or not you can see yourself strutting your stuff in one of her numbers, Lady Gaga has made the visual side of her wholly original and innovative and she is in complete control.  She has her own team of designers and consultants and they all work together with her and for her. She’s a style icon and no one else even comes close to stealing her thunder, ever. Lady Gaga we salute you!

For more information on success in the modern world, Digital Music Services – Decoded.

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Georgian Waters on their latest song ‘Midsummer Air’

Georgian Waters wanted to tell us more about their creative process and how they came up with their latest song Midsummer Air:

We already had some finished songs when we started this single-series concept however we were writing new songs during the recording process and while releasing songs. ‘Midsummer Air’ came into being out of a jam session we were having in rehearsal. It started with the melody, Erik was humming different melodies and sang a lot of random words, the way he always does when there are no lyrics yet .

It’s rare that a song comes out of nothing during rehearsal. Previously, it was common that we had writing sessions to which we took a basic idea or a melody that we then built a song around. Nowadays it’s a little bit of all, jamming, rehearsing and writing sessions .

The more we play together the more we understand how ‘Disney’ our music actually is. It is the common thread. There’s not much to say about what the lyrics of ‘Midsummer Air’ are about, we hope the song speaks for itself. The second track ‘Heaven’ is inspired by the song ‘Inner City Life’ by Goldie.

‘Midsummer Air’ is different from our previous releases but we’ve seen it as a positive thing to have a wide range of songs. We think it’s awesome and fun to have different songs and flirt with different styles but it’s not something we do consciously.

We make music for ourselves, but it’s great that so many people like what we are doing. Especially with this release, so it has been great really. We will continue releasing singles and writing awesome songs and have already started the recording of the next two singles that we actually want to hold off on releasing right away. There are lots of new songs in store.

The goal is to record a debut album in a real studio as opposed to recording the songs in our living room as we have been doing. We will continue to do live shows as well as we have done throughout the year. The latest gig, at Debaser Medis, was just absolutely crazy, a lot of colors, visuals and dolphin sounds.

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5 solo stars who started out as backing singers

As an unsigned artist you want be successful and known for your songs, your band, your music. That’s great, that’s why you’re doing this and here at Spinnup we sincerely wish you the very best. Not least so we can boast to our friends that we knew you before you were famous.

But musical success is a long and winding road and you want to be open to every opportunity to advance that you can possibly find. For example don’t think that you have to be the the featured artist right from the word go. Some of the most successful solo artists we know and love today started off doing backing vocals for other people. It can be an excellent way to build up experience and contacts, so keep in mind it’s something you’re doing on the road to the limelight, not instead of it.

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5 things all successful artists have in common

There are many amazing things about music, like the fact that music comes in an almost limitless number of genres, truly offering something for pretty much everyone.

But however much music and the artists who create it vary, however different things sound or appear, you’ll always tend to find that successful artists, whatever their chosen genre, have certain things in common with each other which aren’t just coincidence.

1. People skills

In no particular order, for an artist or band to become successful, he, she or they will need the support and help along the way of people including: fans, managers, producers, studio engineers, sound technicians, lighting technicians, A&Rs, publicity agents, booking agents, promoters, DJs, lawyers and many more, not to mention other potential musical and performance partners like musicians, songwriters, choreographers, and so on. That’s a lot of people, and you’re going to need them on your side if you’re going to be successful. That means knowing how to speak to people, how to relate to them so they can see how amazing you are and should be supporting you.

2. Musical talent

You don’t have to be a virtuoso talent to make it as a musician, although being one is unlikely to hold you back. Success isn’t determined by who’s the undisputed best at a particular instrument or area of music, ability is only one part of the skillset required to be a success, but you probably want to make sure you have at least some idea of what you’re doing.

3. Work ethic

Have you ever read an interview with a top star where they’ve said how busy they are and wondered what they’re talking about? Well, they’re absolutely right. Building and maintaining a successful music career is relentless. The ‘to do’ list only ever gets longer, and only the truly committed have any chance of making it. Nobody ever became a successful musician by accident.

4. Team

No man (or woman) is an island and no successful musician makes it on their own. Even for example a solo artist who plays all their own instruments and writes all their own material (let’s call them Prince for the sake of argument) has lots of people who work with them and help them achieve their goals. Even if you want total creative control over your music, you’re in a team playing game.

5. Spotting opportunities

When you think about it, the concept of good luck or good fortune is really rather useless. If you completely miss an amazing opportunity, does that make you lucky for getting it in the first place or unlucky for missing it? The opportunity was exactly the same in both cases, yet you might have thought of yourself as very lucky or very unlucky. Rather the key skill is the ability to spot an opportunity when it comes along and then knowing how to do something about it. Forget all about the idea of ‘luck’, your job is to know where to find opportunities and when you find them make sure you grab them with both hands and don’t let go.

Something else all successful artists have is a publishing deal. But what is that? Find out here Publishing Deals – Decoded.

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Calling all SpinnUp artists! Some great news just in!

You may find it very difficult to find a place to rehearse, record and master your music. Even more difficult is finding somewhere in your price range.

Well it was difficult. Not anymore.

MFG Studios in Stockholm are now in a collaboration with Spinnup and are offering a 20% discount for all your recording needs. All you have to do when you want to book a room for rehearsal is to email them at and link to your Spinnup profile to receive the discount.

About MFG
MFG Studios is a completely new music complex in Vasastan, Stockholm where you can practice, record, mix and master all kinds of music.

The prices range from 1100–1700 :- depending on the type of room or the time you want to book it. However, for Spinnup artists this would be between 880–1360 :-  with the 20% discount. The prices are for a 3-hour session/week for a month.For more information about MFG Studios and the spaces they have to offer, please visit:

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