We are delighted to announce Spinnup artist Cajsa Siik‘s latest single ‘Relentless Delight’ premiered on Swedish Radio P3 last week.

2 years ago Cajsa Siik was on rotation on P3’s playlist, and upon hearing this fantastic new track they decided it was time again.

The new single from the upcoming album is reminiscent of the early work of Lykke Li, whilst managing to still be completely unique.

The single is out on all major digital stores via Spinnup on Monday, May 12th. Make sure to check it out!

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5 things frequently said about record labels (that aren’t true)

Spinnup is here to help unsigned artist become signed, that’s why our scouts uniquely have a direct line into the world’s number one record label Universal Music.

But speaking of record labels, if one of your goals as an artist is to join one then you should be aware that there are a lot of self-declared experts out there who claim to know what record labels are like “these days” but in actual fact really don’t. Fortunately here at Spinnup, because of our ties to Universal Music, we do. So allow us to shed some light on some of the more common misconceptions out there…such as:

1. Everything is run by the ‘suits’ who don’t even like music
Firstly one of the thing that characterises the clothing choices of people who work in record labels is the distinct lack of suits. In fact if you see anyone wearing a suit in a label there’s a very strong chance they’re a visiting salesperson. And getting a job at a record label is usually very competitive. It makes no sense for a label to give one of those sought after jobs to someone who doesn’t even like or care about what they do. Of course what people who say this really mean to say is…

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Second artist signed from Spinnup!

We are delighted and proud to announce that Albin will be the second Spinnup artist to sign with Universal Music.

Two weeks ago the 24 -year old Albin Johnsén released his third single ‘Din Soldat’ and off the back of it has been discovered up by Universal.

He was scouted by Sebastian Karlsson:

“After having heard the demo a couple of times, I felt that it had the potential of becoming a hit. When I found myself singing along to it in the subway, I knew it would be a success.” Spinnup scout Sebastian Karlsson then contacted Albin’s manager and got the ball rolling.

‘Din Soldat’ has streamed about 100,000 times on Spotify in just a couple of weeks. The song was presented to A&R’s in one of Spinnup’s scout meetings, and that’s when things took off.

Albin has played music and been rapping for ten years in various projects, including the groups ‘Impulsive Lifestyle’ and ‘Right’. He fell in love with Swedish rap as a child and he began to write his own rap lyrics at the early age of 10 taking inspiration from artists/groups like Fattaru, Ken Ring, Dr.Dre and Eminem.

Listen to this year’s summer hit here: Albin – Din soldat.

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Introducing: Dust Bowl Jokies

This week we present to you – Dust Bowl Jokies.

How old are you and where are you originally from?
We’re around 25 and we’re from Sölvesborg, the south of Sweden.

What is your musical background and when did you start with music?
We have played in lots of bands and ensembles, back and forth between projects ever since our baby-teeth fell out.

How did you get together?
I guess music brought us together. We were all connected to the same circle of people in some way or another. Back in the day there was a club in Sölvesborg that arranged rock shows where we used to hang out and drink beer. A lot of musicians met there. Too bad the government shut it down.

Who/what inspires you?
The art of creativity.

What inspired your latest release, ‘The Wicked/Blood, Sweat & Perfume’?
We wanted to do what we had done before but better, deeper and much bigger. We also wanted to express ourselves more lyrically and musically, which I think we’ve succeeded with.

What has the response to your music been like? What were your expectations?
The response has been really good. We got a lot of compliments from people all around the world and that really gives you an extra push to keep delivering kick-ass music!

What does 2014 have to offer? What’s happening next?
First of all we’re doing a UK tour in April and after that we will do some festival shows, Sweden Rock Festival and Skogsröjet among others, and a couple of club shows throughout Sweden. We’ll write some new material on the road, and we’ve also got a few nice surprises coming up regarding the followup to our debut album Cockaigne Vaudeville. Can’t reveal anything more detailed about it yet though!


Listen to their latest release here!

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Winner of the St. Patrick’s Day competition is…

Headless Entertainer!

Our Scouts all sat down, had a beer and listened to all your awesome contributions in the competition. The track that gave them the best vibe and got them the most drunk was Nausea by Headless Entertainer.

Congrats Headless Entertainer. You will soon get something tasty in the mail and also be featured in our artist of the week section.


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Introducing: Svartbäcken

This week’s artist is Svartbäcken – a duo from Uppsala. The duo consists of Tommy Tornberg and Johan Zeitler.

What is your musical background and when did you start with music?
Tommy: I was never really a part of any music community growing up. I guess I felt a little jealous of the people around me who got to play in bands and everything that comes with it. When I was 16 I learned a few chords on the guitar and wrote a whole bunch of songs but it took ten years for me to start playing with other people. It was a fun project that gained me some good friends but I didn’t feel it was what I needed to be doing. I dissolved the band and started searching for a new angle. I found it with Svartbäcken.

How did you two get together?
Tommy: I had seen Johan play several times and we had met before through mutual friends. I knew he wasn’t seriously involved in any projects at the time so I simply asked him if he wanted to make some music. I guess it’s not that different from asking someone out on a date. Anyways, after our first recording session, I couldn’t believe I was making music with someone that talented. It felt a bit like coming home. Finally I knew that this was the type of music I wanted to play. When you get to that place it’s easier to be diverse and try different angles because you have a good fallback position.

Who/what inspires you?
Politics, history and mythology. We get a lot of themes and feelings from greek mythology, biblical stories and historical figures. Of course music and art can be inspiring but has not been so much in the last couple of years. Politics is something we’re trying to fit in to our narrative because we see a lot of things we don’t agree with around us. We have to do our share and depict the different things we want to change.

What inspired your release Kvarngärdet/Underdogs?
Tommy: Kvarngärdet is a song I’ve been keeping around for a bunch of years. I wrote it for piano but I guess I grew tired of playing it like that. It got a new coat of paint and I was really happy to finally get it released. It’s about growing up, the different parts of my early life and some of the people I’ve met and places I’ve been to. Kvarngärdet is a ‘lower middle-class’ part of Uppsala and I’ve never heard of anyone from there doing something grand or becoming famous in any way. Just ordinary people trying to get by. There is a kind of sadness and a numbness about that part of town and I think it got to me at an early age. Underdogs is pretty much the story of the second half of my life and everything that happened after ‘Kvarngärdet’. It comes from figuring out that the game of life is rigged, knowing your class and heritage and wearing it like a badge of honor. It’s about creating your own premise and meaning from the value of work, what love is and the different sorrows of life.

What has the response to your music been like? What were your expectations?
Well, after sharing the tracks on Facebook and the other usual suspects, the reactions have all been positive. We haven’t pushed the music that hard and are yet to give a live performance, so we hope that when that happens there might be a bigger number of listeners/followers. If we find the time to finish the album this spring/summer we reckon things could start moving the right way even faster.

What does 2014 have to offer? What’s happening next?
We will continue to work on our songs and hopefully we can release an album or maybe another single before that. Also, a live show would really spice things up a bit. We hope we can do something different for a live show. We’d like to work with various aesthetics to make it something special and memorable. Other than that, who knows, maybe a music video. The most important thing is to keep making songs and feeling good about it.


Visit the Spinnup profile and Facebook.
Don’t forget to listen to their release: Svartbäcken – Kvarngärdet/Underdogs

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MFG Studios + Spinnup

MFG Studios is a completely new music complex in Vasastan, Stockholm where you can practice, record, mix and master all kinds of music.

You may find it very difficult to find a place to rehearse, record and master your music. Even more difficult is finding somewhere in your price range. Well it was difficult. Not anymore.

MFG Studios in Stockholm are in a collaboration with Spinnup and are offering a 20% discount for all your recording needs. All you have to do when you want to book a room for rehearsal is to email them at and link to your Spinnup profile to receive the discount.

One of the bands that are now live in stores through Spinnup is WAGWAK. Listen to their latest release Lost the Will recorded and produced at MFG Studios.

MFG Prices
The prices range from 1100–1700 :- depending on the type of room or the time you want to book it. However, for Spinnup artists this would be between 880–1360 :-  with the 20% discount. The prices are for a 3-hour session/week for a month.For more information about MFG Studios and the spaces they have to offer, please visit:

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