Vigiland go 15x Platinum!

We’re always proud of our Spinnup ‘graduates’ who have been signed by Universal Music, but that’s especially true of Vigiland today, who have officially gone platinum 15x total in Sweden!

Vigiland (Claes Remmered Persson & Otto Pettersson) were signed to Universal Music and Universal Music Publishing Sweden in 2014 after being discovered on Spinnup with their song ‘UFO’.

They have since released the singles ‘Shots & Squats’ and ‘Pong Dance’, and all three tracks have been streamed over 250 million times on Spotify, as well as selling 15x Platinum in the duo’s home country. ‘Shots & Squats’ alone has been streamed over 100 million times!

See below for the breakdown of Vigiland’s platinum selling singles: 

6X Platinum – ‘UFO’

5X Platinum – ‘Shots & Squats’

4X Platinum – ‘Pong Dance’


Pictured: Özgur Türk (manager), Anton Ericson (Universal Music Publishing), Otto Pettersson (Vigiland), Claes Remmered Persson (Vigiland), Henrik Hansson (Universal Music), Martin Brandt (Universal Music), Emil Soujeh

We want to pass on a huge congratulations to Claes and Otto and the team at Universal Music Sweden for such a great achievement!

Read the full story on Universal Music Publishing Sweden’s website

Could you be the next Vigiland? Create a release on Spinnup to find out! Register or login to start.

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We’re going free!

Yes, you read that correctly – Spinnup is going completely free for two whole weeks!

In celebration of our service reaching over 100,000 users, we are giving every one of our artists worldwide the opportunity to release unlimited singles, EPs and albums. Our special free release weeks will run from Friday February 17th until Friday March 3rd, 2017. Make sure you upload your last releases as early as possible on March 3rd to stay within the cutoff time and avoid disappointment.

All releases will be completely free for one whole year, after which payment will need to be made in order to keep your release online. But don’t worry, we’ll send you reminder emails closer to the time about this. For more information on our pricing, click here.

Spinnup artists keep 100% of their rights and royalties, which means that you keep every bit of money you earn once people start streaming and buying your tracks. The more releases you make and have up online, the more opportunity you have to earn money from your music. Now that’s living the dream!

If you’re new to Spinnup and aren’t sure how to go about creating a release, or you just want a reminder of how to do it properly, take a read through these FAQ pages to help you get it right the first time:

What do I need to consider when uploading my tracks?
What kind of music files can I upload?
What format must my cover art be in?

Having unlimited free releases means that you have the chance to earn a lot more pushes to send to the Spinnup Scouts! Why is this a good thing? Well more pushes = more likely to get attention of one of our Scouts = better chance of being discovered = higher possibility of signing a record deal with Universal Music. It’s happened to 30 of our artists so far, so why couldn’t it happen to you?

To get the attention of the Scouts, we strongly recommend leaving them a note in the message box when sending your push introducing yourself and asking for specific feedback. Do yourself a favour and ensure your artist profile is up to date with current information, photos and links to your social media accounts so that it’s easier for them to find out more about you.

Our friends at Cover Art Factory are also joining the party and offering all Spinnup artists a huge 30% discount on all products on their site, when they use the code SPINNUP30 at the checkout. At Cover Art Factory you can have your release sounding and looking great with their huge range of pre-made artwork designs, or take it one step further with their custom design service. Explore all the designs and options at

If you’re having any trouble creating your release take a read through our FAQs, and if you still need help you can contact our support team at

Now time to get your releases ready, we can’t wait to hear you!

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CAF header

Special offer from Cover Art Factory

When you have a celebration you invite your friends, right? Well we’re celebrating Spinnup reaching over 100,000 users on our platform by giving all artists unlimited free releases for two weeks, and our mates at Cover Art Factory are joining the party.

Spinnup artists always receive a 10% discount on all CAF purchases, but for our free release weeks (February 17th – March 3rd, 2017) artists will get a huge 30% discount on everything on Cover Art Factory.

Cover Art Factory offers a huge range of pre-made cover art designs you can choose from and customise by uploading a photo and entering your art and title information. Two days later you have your own professional looking artwork!

They also have premium a Custom Made Design feature where you can pay to have a designer custom make unique artwork specifically for your release. Read their page on how the process works for more information. 

Creating a release means having the whole package – a great track AND good looking artwork. We’ve had great reviews from the numerous Spinnup artists who have used the service in the past. Make sure you take advantage of this special offer, as it will only last until the end of our free release period on March 3rd, 2017.

To receive 30% off all products at, use code SPINNUP30 at checkout. 

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100k balloons

We have reached 100,000 artists!

They say time flies when you’re having fun, and it’s really flown here at Spinnup!

It feels like just yesterday we launched from the Universal Music offices in Stockholm. Now three years later we are celebrating 100,000 artists on the platform!

In those three years we have also: 

• launched local Spinnup offices and Scout teams is 6 countries: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, UK, Germany and France

• had 29 artists discovered on Spinnup and signed to Universal Music (the 30th is being finalised as we speak!) from USA, UK, Sweden, Germany and Denmark. You can read about them here

• enlisted the help of close to 100 Spinnup Scouts, and

• had 4 of those Scouts hired as employees by Universal Music!

Needless to say we’re pretty proud of our team of staff and Scouts, but also of each and every artist who has believed in their dream by releasing their music to the world through Spinnup. Thanks for helping us reach this milestone, and here’s to the next hundred thousand!

Spinnup HQ 

New to Spinnup? Sign up here!

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Spinnup Christmas Hit


Christmas is coming early this year! Our Spinnup Scouts and Universal Music Sweden are  on the hunt for the next big festive hit on Spinnup.

All you need to do is create a release with your best Christmas-themed song, using the voucher code XmasHit16, and you’ll be in the running for your track to be signed by Universal Music Sweden.

Our talented group of Scouts will be keeping an eye (and ear) out for all seasonal songs – the kind Santa would jump up and shake it to!  

This Christmas hit hunt is divided into three steps:

Step one: complete your release through Spinnup before November 30th, preferably earlier!

Step two: our Spinnup Scouts will choose their favourite Christmas songs to present to Universal Music Sweden’s A&R team. With that in mind, make sure you push your track to the scout that is most likely to be interested in your song.

Step three: the A&R team will choose one or more songs to be signed and released through Universal Music Sweden* just in time for the holiday season.

And there’s more! Use the free voucher code XmasHit16 when uploading your track and not only will you get the first year of your release for free but you’ll also be entered into our Christmas competition.

The best Christmas song/songs will be chosen by A&R’s at Universal Music together with our Spinnup scouts.

The best Christmas tracks will also be added to the Digster Christmas playlist and be promoted on Spinnup’s and Universal Music Sweden’s digital channels. Don’t sit around waiting for the advent calendar to start, get into the seasonal spirit early and upload your track today!

All participating tracks will be added to the Spinnup Xmas Hits 2016 playlist on Spotify. Follow the playlist and you will have your holiday sound track sorted! 


**Make sure to set the release date to ASAP, do not choose a specific date.**

Merry X-mas & Good Luck!

*subject to the artist and Universal Music Sweden agreeing acceptable terms relating to the release.

Please note that only tracks with a Christmas theme will be eligible, and that the code XmasHit16 can be used once per artist.  


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Vinyl shelf

New Report States Music Streaming Leads To Record Sales

A new report conducted by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) and the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA) has revealed some interesting findings on the spending behaviour of streaming subscribers.

It states that 37 percent of streaming subscribers say that using a streaming site has actually increased the amount that they spend on digital downloads.

66 percent of those surveyed described themselves as ‘multi-channel’ consumers, with 13 percent of people claiming that streaming had led them to buy more CDs, and even 19 percent said they purchased more vinyl because of streaming.

Meanwhile, 69 percent of people stated that if they discovered something new via a streaming service then they would be more inclined to purchase it on a different format.

Overall an encouraging report that signifies that although streaming music is the way of the future, consumers are still willing to purchase individual songs and albums from the artists they love.

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Nova Miller cover competition: The Winner!

During the fall we’ve been running a cover competition for Nova Miller’s latest single Singin in the Rain.  A lot of great contributions have been submitted in the competition, but now the jury has spoken and elected the final winner!

Aaaaaaand the winner iiiiiiiis….

*drumroll* …. Andrew Blu!

Peter Hart, A&R Manager at Polydor/Universal Music, motivates his choice like this:

For the imaginative and creative remake of Nova Miller’s ‘Singin In The Rain’, the winner of the Nova Miller cover competition is Andrew Blu. Even though the vocals are not 100% and would benefit from some auto-tune, it is, overall, a fun version that shows that the producer has real talent.

Congratulations Andrew!  Prizes include an add to Digster FRESH, promotion in Universal’s, Spinnup’s and Polydor’s channels, and airtime on national Swedish radio.

Listen to the track below!

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Tell Your Story As Facebook Mentions Launches Live Video Streaming

As an artist you can use Facebook Mentions to really connect with your fan base and now that interaction can go even deeper, as they have launched live video streaming to your page.

Wherever you are, you can go live and start a Q&A, make an announcement or just show your followers where you are and what you’re up to – from the recording studio, to backstage at a gig. This is a fantastic tool to keep in touch with your followers, try it out and let us know how you get on.

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Leading music streaming site Spotify has announced it’s rolling out a limited beta of Spotify Fan Insights – a new dashboard that helps artists better understand their Spotify listeners, to more effectively grow and engage their fan base.

Fan Insights will be able to give artists the following information:

– Who their fans are, including demographic information.
– Where their listeners are in the world and how this audience is evolving and growing over time.
– How their fan base is listening and their other music preferences.
– The level of passion and engagement of fans and how these behaviours differ between passionate and casual listeners.

This could be used as an extremely useful tool for artists to better understand their fan base and their behaviours. You can get to know your fans on a deeper level and learn how they have discovered your music, which in turn gives you the info you need to promote your single and album releases, create a conversation with your audience and much more.

Spotify have said the limited beta has begun rollout on desktop computers and a basic version is available on mobile. You can request access to the Insights by clicking here.

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Introducing SMILO!

Newly signed SMILO is a trio consisting of Arvid Ångström, Oscar Berglund Juhola and Dennis Babic. They released the song GOOSEBUMPS on spinnup and were signed to svenska inspelningar (Universal Music).

Please tell us more about SMILO – who you are and how you started making music together.
All of us are DJ’s and music producers, focusing on EDM/pop. We are three happy guys with the intention to spread happiness, along with our music:)!
We started writing music together about a year ago. Dennis and Oscar had an idea for a track and sent it to me (Arvid), and I wrote the topline. The song became SMILO‘s first single! 

Congratulations on your song Goosebumps getting signed to Svenska Inspelningar! How did all of this come together?
Thank you so much! 🙂
Goosebumps is a song that we recorded when Tropical House started to become the new EDM sound. We released it through Spinnup wich is a powerful tool when aiming to get noticed by a major record label like Universal. We got an email from Svenska Inspelningar saying they wanted to meet. Apparently Goosebumps is one of the most succesfull songs released through Spinnup unsigned. We had a meeting with the team and liked the vibe. Svenska Inspelningar had the same vision that we had, so it felt like the perfect choice for us.

What inspired you to make this song?
Arvid wrote some of the lyrics a few summers back on a trip to Greece. We started producing the track when Tropical House became a mainstream genre so we thought; Why not make it a Pop/Tropical house song? Of course Kygo was a big inspiration when we made the percussion in the track, we really wanted to hit that tropical vibe. Love is a big inspiration for all songwriters and Goosebumps is a love story.

What’s happening in the year to come?
2016 will be a year to remember for us, it’s the year when we get to establish our brand and our concept. We hope to perform at a lot of shows and really show our audience that we are here to stay and spread happiness! 

We will participate in ”Melodifestivalen” which is huge. SMILO will bring a new, fresh and happy sound to the competition.

And of course, there is more music coming. We can’t wait to show you our upcoming songs!

If you would give Spinnup artists some advice, what would it be?
We are no experts regarding people’s musical careers, but one thing we always do is letting the music become what it becomes. Trying to make something that is different is also something in the right direction. When writing lyrics it’s a good thing to keep it simple and let people relate to the story of the song. There’s really no mystery why love is the most common topic in songs.

And Remember to always keep on SMAILING! 😀


Listen to their track Goosebumps:

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