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New Offer from Rotor Videos!

You’ve recorded your track, got some great artwork and have put your release out into the world – so what next? Create an amazing looking video with our friends at Rotor!

Rotor have released a new version of their video creation tool with additional features – and now it’s even easier and faster to create great music videos and video promos. The new features allow you to:

  1. Re-arrange your video clips easily – you can drag and drop to re-arrange your video clips and they will show up in the order you choose
  2. Use up to 64 clips for your video – that’s twice as many as before!
  3. Add creative text anywhere you want in your video – choose ‘add overlays’ at the preview video page to try it out
  4. Access new styles and new stock categories with 3000 free clips for you to choose from

Each Spinnup artist gets a permanent discount on all Rotor videos, just by using the code in the Offers section of their artist account. But to celebrate this new version, Rotor are offering 100 Spinnup users 25% off for the month of November. The first 100 to use the voucher code NewRotor17 will enjoy this discount.

To make life easier, Rotor have given us a quick run through on how to make a promo video:

Create a Preview

The first thing you need to do is create a video preview. This is the foundation of all videos in Rotor. Your preview helps you see what your video will look like when the clips you add are edited together and the effects (if any) are applied. It’s a simple 3-Step Process to create your preview.

1. Upload Your Music

2. Pick a Video Style

3. Add Clips

1 VideoCreation


Upload the music for the video you want to create. This can an MP3, WAV, AAC or OGG file. Once it’s uploaded, you will see an option to Adjust Video Length. Rotor creates videos that are the same length as your music, so if you want a short promo video you just need to trim the song. You can choose from Rotor’s presets to create videos that are 15seconds, 30seconds and 60seconds long. Click and drag the green selection to choose the part of your song you want to use.



Now you can choose a style for your video. Rotor has a catalogue of video styles, designed by video directors and visual artists. The styles will give your video it’s looks and it’s editing style. You can choose styles based on your type of music – or you can try and test them until you find the ones that work for you. Each style comes with a preview so you can see what it does.



Next, you need some clips. You can add your own clips or pictures in My Uploads, then use them in any video you make. You can mix them with our Free Stock Library or you can use all of our clips. Rotor has many categories for you to choose from, which work for whatever theme you want. Each category has clips that all work together, but you can take clips from several categories to get some interesting results.


When you choose your clips, they will appear in your video in the order you have chosen them. You drag the clips to rearrange the order until you’re happy. Once you’ve finished, you can create your preview. Rotor let’s you create as many previews as you like and make as many changes as you like. It will keep each version you make, so you can always go back to the previous ones!

Add Overlays

Now that you’ve got a preview that you like you can go ahead and buy your video in whatever resolution you like – or you can add some text to promote your music, your event or you as an artist. Beside the preview is an option to Add Overlays. Click it and you’ll open up the Overlay editor. The first thing you’ll see is your video preview along with the option to choose a Template and the waveform of your music at the bottom.


You can choose an overlay template to get you started. These have some overlays already set up, such as Intro/Outro that adds text to the beginning and end of your song. Or, if you don’t want to use templates you can simply drag over the waveform to create overlays that will appear over that part of the song and video.

This opens the overlay Editor. In here you’ll see the option to:

  • Input Text
  • Change Font
  • Make Text Bold
  • Change Alignment
  • Change Text Size
  • Change Text Colour
  • Add/Remove Text Background Colour

There are also two style options. One for normal text and one for cutout text. Cutout shows your video through the text and blacks everything else out (it’s quite cool, try it!). Once you enter text and clicked save, you can click it on the video preview to drag it wherever you like. You can resize it and rotate it, if that’s your thing. When you’ve made some edits to your text, click Save to move on.


If you click the play button while the editor is open, the video will just play the segment where the overlay appears. You can add Layers to your overlay, so it doesn’t just have to consist of one piece of text – you can have as many as you like. Enjoy it!

Click Done when you’re finished and you’ll see the Overlay you’ve just added. You can drag on the waveform to add more, drag existing overlays to a new position in the video or copy an overlay. When you copy an overlay, it will create an exact copy that appears in the video immediately after the original. This is for convenience, in case you want pieces of text to appear one after the other. If not, you can just drag it to a new position.


Click Done again when you’re finished and that’s it! When you go back to the main preview, your overlays will appear in the video. Now you’re ready to buy your promo and start engaging your audience.

Learn more about Rotor Videos on their website, and make sure to keep your eyes on the artist offers page for more discounts from our partners!

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knighthood live

Introducing: Knighthood

What happens when you meet someone who shares your name AND love of music? You start a group, obviously. At least that’s exactly what Louis and Louis from Knighthood did when they met in their hometown, Paris, in 2012.

knighthood dj


Five years later they’re still together (aaww), have released a tonne of music, and travelled around the world playing their music.

Better Off That Way‘ is Knighthood’s new single, and their first release with Spinnup. The bouncy house track features production from SLTRY, an electronic producer from Germany who lends his trademark tropical house touch.


‘Better Off That Way’ was inspired by the duo’s summer tour, from the cities and travelled to, to the musical influences they picked up on from each place they played.

The summertime vibes are perfectly captured in the beautifully shot video for the track, featuring the kind of location I think we’d all love to jet off to.

Follow Knighthood on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can check out their other music on Soundcloud and YouTube, or stream on the Spotify player embedded below.

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Vigiland nominated for MTV EMA Award

Former Spinnup artists Vigiland have been nominated for an award at this year’s MTV EMA Awards, to be held in London on Sunday November 12, 2017!

Vigiland (Claes Remmered Persson & Otto Pettersson) were signed to Universal Music and Universal Music Publishing Sweden in 2014 after being discovered on Spinnup with their song ‘UFO’. In the time since, they have released numerous singles, gone 17 times platinum in Sweden, toured all over Europe, been streamed close to 400 million times on Spotify! And all from uploading one track on Spinnup a few years ago.

vigiland MTV

The duo have been nominated in this year’s Best Swedish Act category, alongside superstars Axwell & Ingrosso, Galantis, Tove Lo and Zara Larsson.

Voting closes at midnight (CET) on Saturday November 11, which means there is still plenty of time to vote for these guys, who we are truly proud of here at Spinnup.

Click here to vote for Vigiland in the 2017 MTV EMAs

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What’s the most popular genre on Spinnup?

Everyone knows how much we love data here at Spinnup, so we thought we would do some digging into our own!

Each and every music fan has their genre of choice to listen to, and we definitely find certain genres more popular than others amongst music fans.

But what about music makers?

We had a look at thousands and thousands of singles, EPs and albums that Spinnup has ever released and broke down which genres are the most popular for our artists to release.


As you can see from our findings, Hip Hop/Rap comes in at #1, followed by Pop and Electronic.

What category do you fall into? If you want to see the kind of music you make take up a bigger slice of the pie, then create your next your release right here!

Stay tuned for more of our dig into Spinnup’s data!


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Christmas 2017 blog header

2017 Christmas release dates & deadlines

Can you believe it’s almost the end of 2017 already? Neither can we!

To make the end of the year and the holiday period as enjoyable as possible, we wanted to let you know about the holiday opening times of some of our distribution partners.


Why do you need to know this?

Over the next few weeks delivery times and deadline dates will change, for iTunes in particular, and we would hate for anyone to be disappointed because their release did not go live on the date they were hoping for!

To avoid this, please see below for the cut off dates for you to upload your music to Spinnup.

Release Dates Upload to Spinnup Dates
17th – 24th November , 2017                    Friday, 3rd November,, 2017
1st December, 2017 Friday, 10th November, 2017
8th December, 2017 Friday, 24th November, 2017
15th – 22nd December, 2017 Friday, 1st December, 2017
29th December – 5th January 2018 Friday, 8th December, 2017

Please also note Beatport will not be releasing any content from the 8th December – 2nd January, to make sure you release is available on Beatport before these dates please upload to Spinnup by Friday, 10th November.

Remember, these are the deadlines for a complete and error-free release.To be on the safe side, make sure you read our FAQs on how to create a release properly, and try to have it complete before the deadline date. This will avoid you having to make any corrections and risk missing the cut off!

Create my holiday release!

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Photo by Charlie Sarsfield

Spinnup artists record at Abbey Road Studios

In early October legendary recording studio, Abbey Road Studios, launched their first ever app Topline with the help of two Spinnup acts, Indigo Palace and BLOOM. Joceline and Dee from Indigo Palace, and Nicole aka BLOOM were invited to spend the day in Abbey Road’s Gatehouse Studio to demo the app to media, and talk about their own music making process.


Like kids in a candy store, these three couldn’t resist putting Topline and all the gear on offer in The Gatehouse to good use in between interviews, as well as drawing on the expertise of in-house studio engineer, Dan Hayden, who assisted the recording over the whole day.

Within a few hours they had written and recorded an entire song – ‘Storm’ – using Topline and proving how useful it is for songwriters and music makers to write music and collaborate on projects.

Photo by Charlie Sarsfield

One half of Indigo Palace – vocalist, emcee, producer and engineer, Joceline – provided the beat for ‘Storm’ and the soulful vocals in the hook. All it took was for his ‘other half’ Dee to grab the phone and lay down his verse using Topline, before Nicole added her harmonies and a sultry second verse, and that was it.

A fully finished demo in a matter of minutes.

They spent the rest of the day laying down various parts using Abbey Road’s equipment, before finalising it in Joceline’s own South London studio. Now the track has been tweaked and polished, mixed and mastered, and distributed by Spinnup.


Listen to ‘Storm (feat. BLOOM)’ on your preferred streaming service, or stream on Spotify below.

Find Indigo Palace on Facebook and Spotify

Find BLOOM on Facebook and Spotify

Download Topline on the App Store

All photos by: Charlie Sarsfield, shot in Studio 2 and The Gatehouse at Abbey Road Studios

Film by: Antonia Luxem

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Introducing: DFUX

It’s always so exciting when you come across a release that makes you stop what you’re doing and pay attention. That’s exactly what happened this week when the UK team were approving releases and came across ‘Crazy‘ by UK House duo DFUX.

With pitched down vocals and the kind of impressive production we’d expect from seasoned artists, this track has become favourite in the office, drawing similarities to fellow UK house producers Disclosure.


DFUX is made up of band members George and Joss – beyond that we don’t know much about the mysterious pair, that’s how new they are!

They have now released two tracks with Spinnup, and this week have made it into both the Spinnup Scout Picks AND Staff Picks Spotify playlists.

Follow DFUX on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with their new releases, and listen to ‘Crazy’ on your preferred music service, or stream on Spotify below.


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Spotify for Artists Guide

Updated October 19, 2017 

Spotify is without a doubt the giant of the music streaming world, and a very good friend to artists (signed and unsigned) worldwide. One of the things we love most about Spotify, is their artists-only tool Spotify For Artists.

As a music service but also a tech company Spotify is constantly evolving so we have put together our one-stop-shop for understanding Spotify For Artists, which we will continue to update each time there is a new feature added to the service.

In this article we will explain: 

• What Spotify For Artists Is
• How To Get Verified on Spotify
• How to edit your Spotify artist profile & bio
• How to add team members to your Spotify For Artists account
• What data you can find in your account

Getting verified on Spotify is now easier than ever!

Spotify is very important to us here at Spinnup – it is one of the major online retailers we distribute to, and we collect important Spotify trend data which is displayed in every artist account under ‘Stats & Activity‘ to help artists gauge how their releases are performing from day one. Plus they started in Sweden, just like us!

Lately Spotify has been going through some changes, which can have an impact on each and every one of you, both as artists and as listeners. So if you find yourself asking, “what’s new with Spotify? And how will it affect me?” Well, we got you covered.


Fan Insights / Spotify For Artists

Back in late 2015 we told you all about Spotify’s beta version of Fan Insights, but now *drumroll please* Fan Insights has been renamed ‘Spotify for Artists‘ and is available to all artists!

In the two years since Spotify launched data tools for artists, they have been talking (and listening) to artists and management teams all over the world to optimise this aspect of their service and make it as useful as possible.

Spotify describes the reincarnation of their data tool as “a one-stop shop designed to guide you through Spotify.” What they mean by this is Spotify for Artists will help you access improved audience insights, song data and play listing information

This helps you get to know your fans better by finding out where they live, how old they are, what features they’re using to discover your music, and what other artists they are listening to. Just read the testimonials of artists who have used the new Spotify data to make more informed touring and release decisions, which means you can too. 

As well as improving their data insights tools, it is now easier than ever to manage your Spotify artist profile and…

Get Verified!

No longer do you have to wait until you have 250 followers to even be able to apply for verification. Instead, now all you need to do is have access to Spotify for Artists!

If you don’t already have access to Spotify for artists, click here and follow the steps to access your account.

But if you’re already verified don’t worry, you don’t need to do anything to keep the pretty blue tick on your profile. The new verification system means you’ll use Spotify for Artists to add and remove playlists from your profile, but use your personal account to create and edit them.

What does this mean for existing verified artists?
  • You will keep your verification and all playlists will remain
  • You will now add and remove playlists in Spotify for Artists, but you create and edit them from your personal account, like always
  • If you’re using Fan Insights, you need to switch to using Spotify for Artists
What if I’m not verified?
  • You can become verified really easily, simply by accessing Spotify for Artists, no more 250 followers!
  • You will need to add/remove playlists in Spotify for Artists, but create and edit them from your personal account
  • You may need to wait a few weeks for the blue tick to appear on your profile.


Artist Profile & Bio 

Now that you’re a bonafide and verified Spotify artist you are able to freely edit your public profile! Get your creative hats on because now you can update your artist image as often as you change your outfit – sounds like a lot of work, but each to their own! You can also show people what music you’re jamming to by choosing your ‘artist’s pick’ that sits at the top of your profile, and add playlists – either ones you’ve created or your favourites that you want to share with your fans.

In September 2017 Spotify announced that artists can now directly edit their artist bio, which was previously unavailable. This is a great place to let fans know more about you or your band, and convey your personality, creativity or sense of humour. Have fun with it, but don’t go too overboard!

Electronic musician Caribou keeps his bio short and sweet, but is a nice touch!

 How to edit your artist bio, step by step: 
  1. Go to your Spotify For Artists profile and scroll down to ‘Artist Bio’
  2. Write your amazing, brilliant, creative, thoughtful bio in 1500 words or less
  3. Add links to your music, music you feature on, playlists – anything on Spotify! Just use the ‘@’ symbol to look up playlists, artists or albums
  4. If you have a Wikipedia page (if not, why not create one? It’s free and easy!) you can add a link to that here.

Team Members 

In September 2017 Spotify added an extra feature to Spotify For Artists, allowing artists to add team members to their account. Being a musician is a tough business, and having a team around you to support and grow your career goes a long way to helping you become a success! Now your team can help you even more by accessing your data and profile.

All artists can add team members to their Spotify For Artists account in three different access levels:

  • Full Access – users that you grant complete access to all your features, including artist profile, stats, and the ability to invite and edit team members
    Recommended for: Band members, managers 
  • Edit Access – these users can update your artist profile, view streaming stats, invite new team members for edit or view access, and view all members and their contact information
    Recommended for: Booking agent, promoter, publicist 
  • View Access – these guys can view your streaming stats only
    Recommended for: producers, collaborators 
How do I add Team Members?

To add as many members as you would like to your team, simply signup or login to Spotify For Artists, and click the arrow next to your name. In the dropdown menu select ‘Manage Team’, which opens a page where you can input email addresses for the lucky few you will give access to, and set the access level for each.


Spotify Data

It’s no secret that here at Spinnup we love data, and lots of it. Which is why we were so excited to hear that Spotify has added even more data and analytics to the Spotify For Artists platform. You can read all the info about it here, or read below of a breakdown of what you can expect in your own SFA account.

  • Stats for all songs – no longer do you have to earn 1000 streams to see your data, now you will se absolutely all of it for your top 200 songs. Don’t have 200 songs yet? Well what are you waiting for? Get recording!
  • Time filters – you can now view your data by 7 days, 28 days (so 4 weeks, really), or two years! The reason this is so useful is that it will give you the chance to see if any big pushes (think PR cycle, a particular gig, social media campaign etc) really made an impact to your fans and streams.
  • Follower data – your followers are your super fans, the ones who love your music so much they want to be notified every time you release something new. In your SFA account you now have a Follower Timeline to be able to track, and hopefully grow your follower count. More followers = more fans = more streams… you get the picture.


There is so much on offer here for you to take advantage of, so access Spotify for Artists and explore the full rundown of new features on the Spotify blog.

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