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Being an independent artist can be isolating at the best of times. That’s why it is so important to be engaging and connecting with other artists, musicians and creatives and one way to do so is through online networking groups.


Facebook groups and other online communities are a great place to grow your music hub, share ideas, connect with potential fans and collaborators, and can lead to new musical ventures.


There are tons of groups out there for everyone; specific genres, locations, groups on production, groups to network with other creatives and so on. The eclectic variety of groups means the chances of finding those that are right for you is high.


Before we share some of the key communities out there, here’s some advice to make sure you benefit from online groups:


How to find groups


We’ve concocted a list of groups we think you might benefit from, but there may be others that suit your niche.


Whether you’re searching Facebook or Reddit etc., just type in some keywords in the search bar and filter your search to ‘groups’ to make your hunt more accurate and efficient. Feel free to use these to get you started!

#independentartist, #singersongwriter, #electronicartist, #musicproducer


Have a look at what communities your other artist and musicians friends are in. You’ll want to look for groups that have a good level of engagement from their members, and have a supportive and encouraging community presence. Focus on finding moderated groups – steer clear of those that have purely endless promo and spam on their feed. It’s important to seek groups that have quality members and content in them as much as quantity.


Online networking groups’ etiquette


Make an effort to give back and show your support first.

When you join a group, don’t expect you’ll get lots of attention and replies straight away. You need to make an effort to give back first. If you show others that you’re actively contributing in the group and being supportive, they’ll be more likely to help you out. Online groups are all about community rather than self-promotion.


Choose a select few groups to be active in

Pick your focus – find a few key groups that resonate with you and actively contribute to them. It’s better to build strong connections in a few groups rather than trying to stretch yourself too thinly across loads of groups and not getting much out of them.


Check the rules.

Groups will have their own rules, make sure that you read these carefully – you don’t want to risk being banned from a community that you could really benefit from being a part of. Generally, a lot of music-focused groups have a rule of no spamming and self-promo.




Spinnup Community

If you’re not already a member of our Facebook group, then click that join button! The Spinnup Community is all about supporting and connecting with as many independent artists as possible. This group is for YOU to interact, share and talk to us and to each other. We post regularly with useful advice and tips including the best practice for releasing, ideas for artists and more.

And French artists, head over to our Spinnup France Community.


Music Launch Hub

Music Launch Hub is a global music industry network ran by music events and network Music Summits. Meet like-minded people and gain valuable connections. This group has a strong dedication to artists supporting one another, encouraging you to support others first: “the best way to gain something here is to give something first”.


Music Producers and Artists Connect

With over 81k members, you’ll be sure to connect with lots of people on this group. Music Producers and Artists Connect is for artists and producers to share their music, tips, projects, websites and talk about the issues faced as a producer or artist. It’s a great place for artists to find producers for their projects.


Songwriting and Music Production

This is a group for songwriters and all those interested in the craft of song writing and music production. You’re encouraged to share your music, lyrics, tips, advice and experience with others around the world.


The Music Marketing Group

Run by music promo and PR company, Burstimo, The Music Marketing Group is for musicians and artists across the globe to learn how to best produce their music. It’s a supportive group where everyone is welcome to ask questions about music marketing, share their success stories and useful content to help you progress in your music career.


UK Music Gear Exchange

UK Music Gear Exchange is in association with – the world’s largest marketplace for musicians. It’s a group where you can trade, sell and buy music gear.


Creative Networking!

As an independent artist, you’ll want to build connections with other industry creatives as well as other artists such as designers or videographers. Creative Networking! was set up by Editor and Freelance PR Director Farah Yaqub as a way to help other creatives out. You’ll be sure to find and connect with all sorts of creatives on here.


Music Biz Besties

Music Biz Besties is a community for female musicians and industry professionals across the world created by music business entrepreneur and music website designer, Katherine Forbes. It’s a great space to find opportunities such as people to work with and connecting with other industry pros.


Pirate Studios London

Our friends over at Pirate Studios have Facebook groups for a number of UK cities. We’ve linked London Facebook group, but other groups include Birmingham, Bristol, and Glasgow.


Pirate Studios Facebook groups are a space to hang out and chat with other musicians about your upcoming gigs or your favourite music. Share your latest songs and mixes, and sell or trade equipment.





With 1.2m members, this subreddit is the biggest place to chat about all things music-making related.

This is the main one for music, but there are a host of all kinds of forums from EDM Production and HipHop, to all things Abelton.




(Make sure you’re logged in on LinkedIn to view these groups)


Musician’s Network

The Musician’s Network is a group intended for musicians of all styles and instruments to network with each other and support each other with advice and information.


Musicians, Singers, Songwriters, Recording Artists

This is a forum for musicians of all skill levels to connect, learn from one another and offer support. It’s a place to discuss creative ways to have a successful music career.


Other online communities


Sound On Sound

This is one for you gear and techy-heads. Sound On Sound is the world’s premier music recording technology magazine and a hub for producers and artists. It has lots of forums where you can find high-quality advice and information covering lots of topics, from recording gear, to mixing and mastering and remote collaboration.



Songstuff has its own online community that welcomes musicians, songwriters, bands and all those interested in music industry roles, boasting a broad range of members of all levels. Forum topics range from songwriting and people to work with to image and video. Get started by introducing yourself and then you’re ready to network with people in a friendly atmosphere.



Bandmix is an online network for connecting musicians and bands from all over the world.


If you haven’t already, be sure to read our blog post on how to make meaningful connections in the music industry to truly get the most out of networking online.