NXT is a platform for undiscovered artists and entertainers at Fotografiska in Stockholm. They wish to present acts who are more or less unknown to the gallery’s 500,000 yearly visitors.

On 27th March Spinnup, together with Fotografiska, will present three fantastic artists: I Don’t Speak French, Jaquline Ronneklew and Two Trees.

The first act of the evening will be Two Trees. This duo consists of Charlotta and Fride, two very good friends who met in Stockholm and started making music together in 2011. They’ve received praise from many different places around the world, including the U.S., U.K., Brazil, Mexico, Israel and France.

The second act of the evening will be the lovely Jaquline Ronneklew! This outstanding young talent  has one of the most unique voices we’ve ever heard. Growing up in the north of Sweden, her voice  seems to have captured the mystery and beauty of the nature of the north.

“I breathe and love music so much that it truly makes me want to cry happy tears.”

Read more about Jaquline here.

The evening’s headline act
is I Don’t Speak French, an alternative rock/pop band that came together in 2013. The band started as an artistic outlet for a young producer from the south of Sweden called Håkan Moberg Persson, but with addition of friends and musicians it quickly grew into a creative community.

“We see each other as one big family, we are all friends and always have a great time together. It doesn’t matter if it’s inside the rehearsal space, in the studio or just hanging out having a beer”.

Read more about the band here.


For more information about the event on th 27th, visit the Facebook event. See you there!