Niklas Torsell: Katy Perry’s album PRISM

Niklas Torsell – Online Promotion Manager at Universal Music Group – meets the artists, goes behind the scenes of video shoots, spends time in the studio and more! Read about his visit to Berlin where Katy Perry’s “PRISM” was presented:

Last Tuesday I flew to Berlin with a selection of journalists attending a listening of Katy Perry’s upcoming album. In a brief talk before we heard the album Katy spoke highly of Sweden many times and praised Swedish pop star Robyn, also mentioning how much she enjoyed working with Bloodshy and Klas Åhlund on this project.

Here are my thoughts on the album . . .

1. “Roar”
A more mature Katy Perry showcased here. This throbbing opening track is already topping the Spotify charts, 19 days before the album’s release. I believe this could become Katy’s biggest hit yet.

2. “Legendary Lovers” 
Katy describes this song as spicy. It’s inspired by her travels to India and has a strong and rather suggestive chorus.

3. “Birthday”
Katy wanted this to be reminiscent of Mariah Carey’s first album. A 90’s girl-pop number with hints of Prince in there. There is bass kick, falsetto voice and great Max Martin production.

4. “Walking on Air”  
My absolute favorite song on the album. Katy said she wanted to make a 90’s style song inspired by CeCe Peniston’s “Finally”. The song was recorded in Stockholm and features a large gospel choir. It was made an early iTunes release on September 30, as part of a preview campaign of PRISM.

5. “Unconditionally”
A universal love song and one of Katy’s favourite tracks on the album.

6. “Dark Horse” (featuring Juicy J)
This song epitomizes the album’s diversity. In many ways the stand out track.

7. “This Is How We Do”
This classic Katy Perry “California Girl” sound thumped as the lady herself went to fetch her first class of champagne. Well how do you get over jet-lag?

8. “International Smile”
This is a song about language barriers and is inspired by Katy’s friend Mia who is a world touring DJ. It’s another of my favorites and I have to admit the “We’re Going To Ibiza” inspired chat in the middle made me laugh.

9. “Ghost”
Whilst not my favourite on the album this song quickly caught the attention of those around me as a stand out track. So obviously it’s good. Who am I to argue?

10. “Love Me”
The writing of this song was a collaborative effort between Bloodshy (the writer of Miss Perry’s favourite Britney hit “Toxic”) and Klas Åhlund (who has previously worked with Robyn). Personally I would’ve expected a bit more from this song although unarguably there is a strong chorus and interesting production.

11. “This Moment”
This song is inspired by the book “The Power Of Now” written by Eckhart Tolle and has quite a sweet romantic twist at the end. It’s reminiscent of Robyn, with a similar beat to “Dancing On My Own’.

12. “Double Rainbow”
A sweet song filled with clichés and metaphors, written together with Sia.

13. “By the Grace of God”
The last song on the album was the written all the way back in November 2012, during one of Katy’s darkest moments. “By the Grace of God” begins as a nice piano ballad before it introduces bass and beats. It’s a wonderful ending to the album.


The evening ended with Katy Perry receiving a Golden record for her single “Roar”. “PRISM” is out on October 23rd.

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– Niklas Torsell, Online Promotion Manager at Universal Music Group