Audio Production Academy

Spinnup is in a new collaboration with the music production school Audio Production Academy (APAcademy).

In this 7 episode video serial you will get an insight into the everyday lives of 6 different up and coming music producers. All with very different backgrounds and styles, all with different journeys on the way up but all vying for the same thing. They are the #nextgenerationproducers.

#nextgenerationproducers is a term coined by APAcademy, a music production school focusing on digital and electronic music production ‘in the box’, and they feel that this term represents their students well. Different people with different styles but they also grew up, or are growing up, in a limitless society with their computers as their instrument.

Join the movement or learn more about APAcademy and their new angle on music production education at:

See the first video from the 7 episode serial here:

Keep track of the #nextgenerationproducers at: