New Sales Report Format

We spend a lot of time speaking to our artists on a regular basis (this has to be one of our favourite parts of the job) listening to what you guys think of Spinnup and what we can do to improve the service for you. One of the suggestions was to re-work how we supply your monthly sales reports that show where and when you earned your royalties (100% of which are yours).


You spoke, and we listened.


As of this week all our artists will find a brand-new sales report format in their artist account. All you need to do is login to your account, click the Earnings tab and then the Sales Reports tab, under your balance.


What’s new?


Your sales will still be reported from the stores in the same manner, but the way they’re displayed in your Spinnup artist account will differ. This includes:


  • New grid layout showing the entire year’s earnings at a glance. You can click on any month for a more detailed breakdown


  • Monthly totals that reflect what you were paid in that month. Please remember that the stores report on a few months’ delay so sales may only show a few months after you earned the money from those streams or downloads.



  • Timeline view when you click into each month. So, if you earned €200 in your November sales report, you can click on November to see the detail of when you earned those two hundred Euros and on what platform.


  • New view for detailed sales reports. This now allows you to quickly view detailed breakdown by release, store and country – rather than showing you all the information at once.



  • Increased performance and loading speed of the sales reports. This has been an issue for some artists with higher sales figures so it will be a popular fix for you high rollers!


We hope these changes will make it clearer to understand where your earnings come from and when you get them paid into your account. Please don’t worry if you see a spike in your sales or download stats but don’t immediately see this in your next sales report. We pay 100% of everything you earn to you, it can just take some time to be reported. But if ever you do feel there is an issue with your sales report, please contact our support team who can advise.


That covers the new report format. But while we’re here, we’ve included some general info about sales reports to refresh your memory, or for any of our new members to Spinnup. You can also read more in our Help Centre.


When do the sales reports come through? 

The sales report will appear in your account by the 30th of each month. To better understand how your revenues are reflected in your account, as there is a delay in the reporting from the stores, please read the below to fully understand the process.


2-3 Month Delay 

The first thing to remember with your sales report is that the money you are receiving is always from streaming revenues from 2-3 months ago. So, if you released a track in January, you will only start to see your streaming revenues come through around March/April.