New Report States Music Streaming Leads To Record Sales

A new report conducted by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) and the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA) has revealed some interesting findings on the spending behaviour of streaming subscribers.

It states that 37 percent of streaming subscribers say that using a streaming site has actually increased the amount that they spend on digital downloads.

66 percent of those surveyed described themselves as ‘multi-channel’ consumers, with 13 percent of people claiming that streaming had led them to buy more CDs, and even 19 percent said they purchased more vinyl because of streaming.

Meanwhile, 69 percent of people stated that if they discovered something new via a streaming service then they would be more inclined to purchase it on a different format.

Overall an encouraging report that signifies that although streaming music is the way of the future, consumers are still willing to purchase individual songs and albums from the artists they love.